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01-13-2005, 09:16 PM
Nation: The People's Republic of Capere
Government:Representive Toltarian
Leader: Lord Mythus... also known as The Capacitator
Capital: Capa City
Religion: Religions are for the people's chosing with regulations in place prohibiting any worship of relgions utilizing sacrifices or witchcraft of any sort.
Entrance: Traders are to pay a small fee to enter the nation, on the grounds they acquire a trading discharge paper. Trading discharge papers can be acquired at the country's borders, upon which they are sent to Capa City. Once in Capa City, they will be examined on the quality of goods, background, etc and then will be asked to hand over one tenth of their profits in order to have a trading discharge paper awarded to them. The trading discharge papers then allow trading and visitation for a period of 3 months, at the end of which the traders will either have to leave or aquire another trading discharge paper. SHould they stay for another three months, they will have to either leave or apply for a citizen discharge paper.

Lords, ladies and anyone holding considerable power in another nation will need to announce their entrance to the kingdom at least 4 weeks in advance, along with the purpose of their visit. They may be asked to make an audience with either the Capacitator, or the Grand Council, with only a small entourage in their presence.

Normal people from countries at peace need to aquire a visitation discharge paper at the borders. Visitation discharge papers are free, and are rewarded after a satisfactory search for overal health and safety has been preformed. If people are coming from a country at war, they will also have to aquire a visitation discharge paper. If people are coming from a country that is at war with Capere, they will be held in questioning for a period of one week at the border. After which, if it appears they are not a threat, they will be asked to apply for a citizenship discharge paper if they wish to come into Capere. For reasons of national security, no one from countries at war with Capere will be able to simply visit.

Exit: Traders from other nations are free to exit once their discharge paper has expired. If they choose to leave prior to that time frame, they must pay a termination fee of ten percent of their profits to exit. Traders from Capere must apply for a international trading discharge paper to exit Capere for trading purposes with other nations. They mayt reenter by simply paying 5 percent of their profits. Thier dischage paper allows them one year to trade internationally with Capere's support. After that one year, they must return or would no longer be considered a citizen of Capere. Native citizens of Capere, or of it's allies, are free to exit as they please. However, in a time of war, no one may exit Capere, unless given permission by the Capacitator. During times of war, the borders are closed. Lords and ladies can leave as soon as they have had their audience with the Capacitator or the Grand Council.

National flag: See attachment.

National animal/bird/plant/flower/etc: The Chimeria/hawk/desert rose

Any laws: It would be a goverement with Myself as the head (of course) and a council of ministers which would be the adivisng council on all sorts of things, such as foriegn relations and religion. Laws will be passed out as Discharge Papers, which state the tasks of families involved in the nation. For a person to change their role, they would have to apply for a new discharge paper. Other rules would also be generated by m myself and voted upon by the grand council as being a viable law or not. These passed laws will be documented, and sent to the citizens with their discharge papaers. All men of at least 18 and no older than 40 will be required for military training and have to serve at least one month a year.

Voting: Voting is only done by members of the Grand Council

Background:After the fall of the nation of Serenity, the clans began waring amongst themselves over who should rule the lan. The wars were long, and horrible, but a visionary from a barbarian tribe came up with a brilliant idea of how to unite the tribes. He called all the tribe leaders together and made a wager. Whoever could best all the other leaders would rule all the tribes. Onee known as Mythus, though not overly strong, uysed his fighting techniques and his wisdom to outsmart the other leaders, and came to be recognized as the tribe leader.Mythus quickly took charge of the situation, and installed the second in comand of eavry tribe, as members of his Grand Council. He then name the new nation, and with the help of the council, formed the laws of the land. New soon moved their capital from New Amani to a large, deserted and ancieent metropolis they renamed as Capa City. After restoring it to it's current graneur, it became recognized over all of Serenity as the Capital, and all of Serenity soon began to think themselves as Caperians. Being that Capa City is a coastal port town, and waqnting to ensure the safety of the leaders, Mythus mandated the building of the Capitol, a large, domed mansion surrounded on all sides by a thick, towerin wall. There still remains some disconcernt with lesser tribes, but more often than not they find that tyeir new life is good, and have great pride in being Caperians.

Sr. Tobias
01-14-2005, 01:35 PM
neat stuff, but... ur form of govt? Representive Toltarian? u either misspelled something or... u misspelled something...
coul u clear that out?

01-18-2005, 02:00 AM
Representive Toltarian? u either misspelled something or... u misspelled something...
coul u clear that out?

Yes, it seems that I was plagued once again by the evil typo demons and thusly have misspelled it. The correct spelling of my form of goverment is Representative Totarian... if that is even the correct spelling.

Basically it means that my goverment has a representative coucil in which the populace can make their voices heard, but as in dictatorships, the Capacitator has the final word.

01-18-2005, 02:03 AM

that also happens to be karlin and Stelarias governing body. And i dont understand how your represenative totalitarian government works.

republic, totalitarian, represenative?
one of these does not belong

01-23-2005, 11:22 PM
Basically my friend, it gives the public the sense of having a voice, because they can voice their concerns through the Grand Council, who in turn can make their concerns made known to the Capacitator. The Capacitator has the ultimate say, giving it that tolalitarian feel, and thusly it does depend on how good of a leader the Capacitator is (just as in the old days when kings were thought to be chosen by god). The fact that the council exists and gets their veiws from the public allows the Capacitator to make choices that would better benifit the public.

And sure republic fits there. Many dictator ran countries were called republics. Let's take the old Iraq, for example which was knnown as a republic.

A republic can loosly be any goverment with a ruling council of people.