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03-07-2006, 09:08 PM
Hi all, i'm doing a favor for a friend that is playing FF 3. He doesn't have internet access himself (other than email) and he's in the military overseas, so here i am trying to find this for him. I've searched online, but haven't found anything that i think will help him. Here's what he's needing...

He's trying to get to Odin to kill him for his summon power, but is having trouble finding Odin. Here's some more info he gave me about this particular version or game he's on...you start on a floating continent and you eventually end up fighting Zande and the Dark Cloud as the final bosses. There is an airship and an airship that can jump over mountains. There are 2 other summons you can get by fighting monsters: Bahamut and Leviathan. Both of those are on the floating continent but you can't get to them until near the end of the game when you get the jumping airship.

Can anyone help me? I really appreciate it, as i really am not familiar with this. :( Thank you for your time.


Captain Maxx Power
03-07-2006, 09:25 PM
Make your way to Southeast
Salonia and sink into the water just south of that town. Enter the opening to

16) Salonia Catacombs enemies: Fura, BossTroll, Cyclops, Valar, Kenkos
Recommended Party: Knight/Dragoon/Geomancer/Conjurer
Recommended level: 29-30

Important stuff found in the Catacombs:

----------- ------
(Giyaman Bell) (Gaia Outfit) (Reflect Armor)
(Golem Staff) (Aegis Shield)

There's nothing tricky about the first couple rooms. When you get to a
room that meets you with a really big intersection, go right and follow the
path. Head left in the indentation to come to a chest that holds a GOLEM STAFF.
Leave the indentation, and continue following the path until you find chests of
AEGIS SHIELD and GAIA OUTFIT. Now go back to the entrance and head to the left
intersection. Follow this path, and enter the rightward indentation to pick up
a REFLECT ARMOR from the chest. Return from the indention and continue walking
the path up then right. A GUIYMAN BELL greets you in the chest you see. Now go
back around and enter the door just to the right. The next two rooms are
simple, regular things. See that imposing figure of existence right in front of
your face (looks familiar)? (If you like white magic, change your geomancer to a
white wizard and give him an Elixir. I don't recommend doing that, however)
Talk to it.

BOSS: Odin Difficulty level: 6.5
HP: (Probably less than) 7000 Strong/Weak Against: Nothing

This is the first FF game that really involves Odin. As you may expect, he's
got that signature move that involves slashing the target(s) for hefty damage
(ATOM EDGE- 400-1000+ to who ever it hits). He can also chose hit one of your
guys with a really strong physical attack which will, uh, kill him. A dragoon
should jump with hopes of avoiding Atom Edge. The geomancer should give a God's
Wine to a knight with doubled-up Defender Swords. The white wizard should haste
the knight, and then cast Cure3 every time because you never know when he'll
whip out his Atom Edge. The conjurer should just call Titan every time. It's
really not that hard of a fight. Chances are, you'll be able to withstand that
Atom Edge. When you beat him, he'll deem the Light Warriors worthy and you'll
get a copy of the ODIN ESPER.

If you ever get stuck on a game ever, your first port of call by default should always be here. (http://www.gamefaqs.com)

03-07-2006, 09:34 PM
Thank you so much for that! I really appreciate it. :D