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10-26-2006, 02:01 AM
ok.... so
my gude tells me to get 3 chocobos and send them to the calm lands for every level and they have to come back
so i do that and i dont get a secret cave
so i send all the level 5 chocohos again, and then nothing again
is there any way to get the cave now? or do i just give up hope

10-26-2006, 11:29 AM
I think you actually need to send the chocobos out in groups of 4 vice 3 to progress in this mind-numbing side-quest: for a fail-proof method to gain access to the dungeon you should follow Split Infinity's instructions (see http://db.gamefaqs.com/console/ps2/file/final_fantasy_x_2_d.txt, section 13D).

IMO this is the most annoying sidequest in the game (the PR Mission is a close second) -- but just think, once you get it done you'll never ever have to do it again :)

10-26-2006, 12:35 PM
I like cake

10-28-2006, 07:59 PM
ummmm the link dosnet work??

10-28-2006, 09:19 PM
I hate this mission. Took me days of agony and eye twitching.

I did the same thing you did and nothing happened either so maybe this will help:


Everyone knows that Clasko loves chocobos. Period. In FFX, he wanted to be a
chocobo breeder, but never got the chance. Here, in FFX-2, you can let Clasko
fulfill his dream.

There are several steps to letting Clasko open up a chocobo ranch:

1) In Chapter 1, meet Clasko on the Mushroom Rock Road (after completing Foggy
Fiend Frenzy) and let him board your airship.
2) In Chapter 2, after rescuing Calli from the chocobo eater, revisit the
Mi'ihen Highroad and bring Clasko, Calli and the chocobo on board the
3) In Chapter 2, visit the Calm Lands and Clasko will automatically jump off
the ship to start his chocobo ranch, in the old abandoned Monster Arena.
Visit him and complete the Clean Sweep mission. Then the ranch will open.


So apart from making Clasko happy (not in that way, at least I hope), what
does this chocobo ranch do? Well, first of all, you can help Clasko run it by
catching chocobos you see in the wild, in battles. Did you ever notice
chocobos randomly appearing in battle, only to run away when you moved?

In the chocobo ranch, you can get Gysahl Greens (listed under Junk Food
Greens) from Clasko. To capture a chocobo in battle, make sure the FIRST MOVE
you make in battle is to feed the chocobo one of the greens. The chocobo will
be satisfied enough to let you continue the battle, killing everything around
it (if you do it quickly). If you touch the chocobo at all, it will bolt for
the hills.

Once everything else in the battle is dead, give the chocobo another Gysahl
Green. You might have to feed it midway through the battle as well, if it
finishes the first green and starts attacking you. After feeding it at the end
of battle, you will catch the chocobo and it will magically be transported to
Clasko's chocobo ranch.

NOTE: You must catch at least one chocobo before the end of chapter 3. You
will get up to two in optional story scenes in chapter 4 as well.


The ranch can hold 14 chocobos - 4 as Choco-Runners, 10 as Choco-Reserves.
And what exactly are they used for? Well, they're not ridable like in FFX, in
this game they're used to retrieve items for you. If you talk to Clasko, you
have the option to Dispatch Chocobos. You can choose which of your Choco-
Runners to send off, and where to send them to. And the chocobo will set off
into the unknown to the area of your choice, to look for items.

After your party wins six battles of any type, the chocobos will (hopefully)
return to the ranch, with items in tow. Speak to Clasko, and he'll tell you
the news. Unfortunately, chocobos don't always return. Whether or not they
return depends on several things:

1) The suitability of the chocobo for the region you sent it to. Chocobos come
in three flavours - bold, normal, and timid. Each type is better suited for
some regions of Spira than others - bold chocobos are well-suited for Djose
Highroad and the Calm Lands, normal chocobos for Besaid Island and
Macalania, and timid chocobos for the Moonflow, Kilika Island and Bikanel
Desert. It's generally best to send a chocobo to an area that they're
suited for.

2) A chocobo's Heart, or fatigue level. After each dispatch, a chocobo will
come back with less Heart than before. To restore a chocobo's Heart, you'll
need to speak with Clasko and choose to feed it Pahsana Greens. One Pahsana
Green will restore 10 Heart. Loss of Heart during a dispatch mission also
relates to the suitability of the chocobo for the mission.

3) There is also a random factor involved. Sometimes chocobos just don't come
back and there's nothing you can do about it.

The number of items a chocobo will bring back depends on their level, the
suitability for the region they went to, and also a random factor. Levelling
brings me to my next section.


All chocobos, when you capture them, will be on level 1. However, not all
chocobos need to stay on level 1. There are 5 levels, and the five levels
relate to the skill of the chocobo in sniffing out the rarest items during
their dispatch missions.

Raising chocobos is done using greens. You can obtain greens to raise chocobos
by asking Clasko about Nutritive Greens. At first, he'll offer you a ratio of
greens to give you, then he'll give you the greens. Pahsana Greens are used
for both restoring Heart and raising chocobos to level 2, Mimett Greens are
used for raising them to levels 3 and 4, and Sylkis Greens, the rarest, will
raise your chocobos to level 5.

In summary, required greens looks like the following:

Level 2 - 10x Pahsana Greens required - available in all chapters
Level 3 - 10x Mimett Greens required - available from chapter 3
Level 4 - 30x Mimett Greens required - available from chapter 3
Level 5 - 40x Sylkis Greens required - available from chapter 5

Until chapter 3, it's wise to set the ratio of greens you receive to 100%
Pahsana (as that's all you can get). In chapters 3 and 4, set it to 100%
Mimett. And in chapter 5, set it to 100% Sylkis.

Nutritive Greens regenerate automatically after a set number of battles. In
other words, you can pick up a fresh batch of 10 or so after every five or six
battles, spread out in the percentages you specified (ie. 3x Pahsana, 3x
Mimett and 4x Sylkis, or perhaps 10x Sylkis.) Generally, every time you come
back to see what your chocobos brought back, you can pick up a fresh set of
greens for your inventory. You can carry up to 99 of each type, and Clasko
will store any extras for you to grab at any later date.

So that's greens done. You can level your chocobos by selecting Feed Chocobos.
This will bring up a list of your Choco-Runners and Choco-Reserves, their
levels, and the greens required to take them to the next level. Select the
right chocobo, give them the greens, and presto.

Not all chocobos can be raised to the ultimate, level 5. It seems to be purely
random, what level each chocobo you catch can be raised to, so you simply have
to keep trying to catch them. In chapter 5 only, you can examine the chocobos
in their stalls to see their max level. This is the only way of knowing.

Ideally, what you're trying to do is keep sending out your chocobos,
collecting greens, and levelling as many as you can, up to level 5. This is to
do the following...


It's like a Gold Chocobo from Final Fantasy VII, only... not. (FF7 sucked
anyways.) It's simple to explain how to get, but OH SO TEDIOUS to actually do
in the game.

For starters, you'll need a lot of chocobos because the buggers keep running
away. You'll need to be actively sending them out as you raise them, as well.
In particular, you'll need to send out three chocobos from each level, ie
three level 1 chocobos, three level 2 chocobos, etc. It doesn't matter what
type of chocobos you send out or where they go, simply that they go. And come

After the fifteen (at least) chocobo runs comes the hard part - getting four
chocobos to level 5. To get the Amazing Chocobo, your four Choco-Runners need
to be level 5. Simultaneously. Me, I seem to always get stuck with a bunch of
chocobos that can't go any further than level 4, so I have to keep releasing
them and going off to catch some more.

Once you've completed both tasks, Clasko will discover the entrance to the
secret chocobo dungeon, in the Ruin Depths of the ranch. The full walkthrough
for this section is listed in chapter 5, as it's necessary to complete to get
100%. Enjoy!

10-28-2006, 09:39 PM
yeah I'm sorry about that: I tried the link after I posted the message and it shot me an error message as well. just do a search on "split infinity" and "final fantasy x-2", you should be able to find it that way.

make a strong pot of coffee -- you'll need it! But clasko's cake is one of the two decent dungeons in the game, so you should have some fun at least.

10-28-2006, 09:48 PM
ya ok that's good Magus is ahead of me. Some points about what he says:

I think it's seven random battles between clasko checks.

you have to basically spend ridiculous amounts of time gathering lev5-capable chocobos. Go ahead and gather four so that you can be ready with the lev5 requirement when it comes. split infinity recommends gathering bold chocobos, which is not necessary but advisable since they don't run away as often and hence don't result in as many soft resets. To further minimize chances of running away, send the chocobos only to calm lands (this is all split infinity speaking).

My personal recommendation is to do your chocobo hunting on the thunder plains, since you will tend to pick up more bold chocobos there.

Be careful about the greens ratio. I bought too many of the kind you need to catch the chocobos (forget the name), and ended up running out of greens needed to level up. You guessed it, seven random battles before you can go back and ask for more.

11-01-2006, 11:05 PM
To get the Amazing Chocobo, your four Choco-Runners need
to be level 5. Simultaneously.
You've done everything else, this is the only thing you are missing. Get four of your chocobos that are at level 5 and make them the runners. If you don't have four, you need to find another one.

Once you've completed both tasks, {addendum: leave the Chocobo Ranch and re-enter it, and} Clasko will discover the entrance to the
secret chocobo dungeon, in the Ruin Depths of the ranch. The full walkthrough
for this section is listed in chapter 5, as it's necessary to complete to get
100%. Enjoy!
That has driven many a person who has played this game a tad crazy.