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11-12-2006, 10:57 PM
Well I'm very interested in this game that was developed before RuneScape. This game is the roots of what RuneScape is today. I just wanted to share some of the info I collected on this game, since its very vague.
Keep in mind, all the info I list here isn't obligated to be truthful. These are just the things I have read up on.

Andrew Gower started this game possibly in late 97' or early 98' (It was released sometime in 1998). The first version wasn't released to the public, and then scrapped. A rewrite took action and it was still named DeviousMUD. It lasted for a year. (another source states one week, however). The graphics were all very similar, isometric. Buttons of action were placed at the bottom of the screen which included:

Examine: Probably used to look at certain items.
Take: Self explanitory; probably used to take items from the ground.
Drop: Probably lets you drop an item on the ground.
Use: Use an item
TalkTo: Most likely a synonym for Private Messaging a user in-game.
Trade: Probably used to trade with somebody.
Attack: Attack an enemy.

Only a handful of people saw this game, and apparently only 2500 accounts were allowed. (not sure if it reached this limit, however.) Also, according to a player, (I am NOT sure how true ANY of this is) the only town in the game was Lumbridge. It was all PKing Zone (Player Killing; PvP) with the exception of the Courtyard where players supposedly respawned. Also, the armor/weapon types seem to be similar with RuneScapes. It included Bronze, Iron, Steel, and Black. The highest level you could get to was 52, and black items were considered rare drops from monsters.

A fairly strange feature of DeviousMUD was apparently you could own a dog. Supposedly you could use it for attacking, and there was maybe a glitch where the dog disapeared if you didn't go into battle, but it died fairly often and only lasted a few months until Andrew removed from the game. According to the player, there was no word filter besides censorship of F%$#, sh*t, and bitch. Also, the highest Magic/Ranging skill you could achieve was level 25, which put Archers and Mages to a disadvantage.

Another uncomfirmed comment says that DeviantMUD was made when Andrew was still in College as a school project in Cambridge University.

After this, Andrew Gower and his brother Paul Gower went for another complete rewrite, now known as RuneScape Classic.



Anyway, I hope you enjoyed that since it took a hell of a long time to type and gather info. Please comment on it even if you have no idea what the hell I'm talking about. :D