View Full Version : The Political language is stupid

12-19-2006, 06:10 AM

Basically, to reiterate, the language of politics is either stupid or inconsistent. Stupid carries more weight and will hopefully affect more responses; hence my delayed preference for the former.

Right, left, Right. When can we evolve past the abysmal march of the French revolution. Is American Nationalism no more a step to the right than living under the heel of Nazi Germany? Certainly not. America is a shining light on the hill; Nazi Germany exemplified barbarism. Clearly, both governments: Those of America and Nazi Germany, however, are/were nationalistic (let us not get into a debate about genocide). Nationalism is considered right winged ... is it not? Ok, Ok.

Germany seems, currently, to be the only country not engaged in international conflict ... does this intimate that now a leftist government is in power ... what about Maoism in China ... was that leftist too?

Hence, the defunct definitions of left and right need to be placed on the mantle piece of lost trophies. Politics is subjective. Polarizing definitions adds little more to our vocabulary and mental grasp than the sledging at a football match; in which, needless to say, one team on the left side of the field seeks victory over the right, with camp following vocally in tune.