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12-19-2006, 06:24 AM

Interventionism is a problem of mass government. When I spend money on myself, I do so conservatively. When I spend money on others, I do so frugally. Whenever I spend others money on myself, I do so luxuriously ... Whenever I spend others money on other people, I do so without regard to imperative of time and place.

Hence, governments, who so spend other peoples money on other people - do so at the risk of market inefficiencies.

The reprieve of low income earners and the cost of innovative ventures has sent America backward. The great depression can be explained simply: machines started taking the work from humans. Do tribes tolerate inefficiency? No they sacrifice it to the winds. Should a provision for the minor be the measure of a good economy? Definitely. We need to provide for all. Should the provision for all be interpreted as a strong economy? No ... unfortunately it becomes counterproductive. Ethics and pure market economics are divorced at this point and the pursuit of pure market capitalism becomes a ravenous instinct outgrown after the last ice-age ... or, at the very least, the compassionate ideal that is the best of human qualities.

Hence, by proposing reason against irrational compassion I have forced you to take sides with either: the pure and rational market economy; or, the sentimental appeal to humanity, that is market not by an experience of rational or logical manifest, but an appeal to the ancient tower.

Instance provides that the dog, willingly jumps before its master - to suffer the slings and arrows (or a bullet, in the modern context) - so that he serves not the will of himself or master, but the immortal ancient tower.

12-19-2006, 06:43 AM
And the moral of the story is, Don't do drugs.