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    It's moving day. It's also rain cats and dogs and hail day. smurf YOU RAIN. I finally was able to get the apartment but I can't move anything in Oh I also left my phone at work. SAD DAY. Normally I love the rain but not when I'm trying to move my bed, couch, and chairs.

    I got FFXI, I dunno how to freaking play it. The controls are wonky. But 30 day trial TOO BAD I WONT HAVE NET FOR A WHILE. Damnit.
  2. I got banned from /r/conservative

    Hahahhahahaha So funny. I was checking it to see their opinion of the RNC and I had made this post.

    This is my first venture into /r/conservative and I'm not liking it. Not because of your political affiliation of that being "conservative" but in the way I'm seeing most users post. I really dislike people using the term "liberal" as a derogatory term. Or the insinuating fact that all liberals are "idiots." I'm not liking this. Not liking this at all.

    I got banned soon ...
  3. Productivity?

    I've actually been productive of late. Normally I procrastinate on EVERYTHING. It might even be as simple as eating food. I put it off just cause I get lazy. But this past week i've been very productive


  4. Audiobooks!

    I like them. I'm lazy and I drive a lot. I've been trying to find an amusing werewolf paranormal romance that doesn't royally suck. You know how hard this is? Why do they have to put such lame covers on so many fantasy type books. Do people buy them with such lame covers? ugh. This is why normal people make fun of fantasy so much you know!
  5. Freya plays FFV (for the first time) Part 1

    Hello there. I've decided to play through FFV. I have never done so and I know a certain former pokey pirate who's claims this as his favorite. Justy told me to get the GBA version, so here I am. What's this blog about? Well my comments as I play. Also if you have any tips cause I know nothing about this one xD

    Freya says (12:01 AM):
    well that's convenient asshole
    "do you remember anything else?" "nope just my name!"
    Justy says (12:01 AM):
    haha ...

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  6. FemShep Friday

    Guys. Guys. It's femshep Friday. The first Femshep promotional trailer will be out today. Probably one of the strongest female protagonist in any game is finally going to get some attention. EEEEEE
  7. Sherlock and Dr Who

    So I've been arting a lot lately. Spent the day working on some realism images of FFIX fanart.

    My hand hurts.

    So I decided to watch some new shows on Netflix, Sherlock and Dr who! How have I never watched these shows before? They only had one season of Sherlock but I started on Season "two" of Dr who. Well the rebooted one. I started with David Tennant as the Doctor. I hear that's the best dr to start at. Sherlock was just awesome and Dr Who is very, very entertaining. ...
  8. This blog has a picture of an Otter.

    Kitties of the sea mothersmurfers.
  9. With all these ER trips.....

    I think the world is trying to tell me to become a nurse.

    Yah I'm posting this from the ER right now. The past 3 years, starting the fourth, of me being sick all the time. In and out of the hospital and doctors office all the time. The people at my Dr office know me, that shouldn't happen.

    The world is telling me either you're forever going to be sick or get into this field.
  10. Hookers, booze and gambling

    I really want to go to Vegas lately. I want to gamble and get really drunk and find Hookers.

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