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    I hate Grey's Anatomy. Oh my god. It hurts my brain.
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    When I was in high school, I directed my physics teacher to Chris Langan's website and she read his "theory of theories" and the first few pages of the actual ctmu. I had to explain to her EVERY SINGLE SCIENTIFIC TERM AND HOW THEY RELATED TO EACH OTHER because I understood it all more than she did. She was a compete idiot. She was supposed to be the teacher but I ended up taking control of almost every lesson in that class. And in my government and economics classes. And in my anatomy & physiology class. And calculus.
    A month ago in my theology course, our professor (who is a dedicated Christian; not the best choice for an objective teacher, if you ask me) gave us a lecture on why god is good and why he does the things he does, such as letting bad things happen to good people and letting some people go their whole lives without happiness. I asked him why, if god was good and had the power to change everything, that people would go to hell in the first place. Not for the sake of contradicting him, but because I was generally interested in what this highly respected man had to say on the matter. He said I was "too young to understand a proper relationship with god."
    Not only did he avoid the question, he criticized me based on my physical age and date of birth. I am no longer enrolled in theology.
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    If all goes as planned, Sarah, Polly and I should have quite a bit of money by June. If anybody wants to head out to Vegas, we might could help out a bit.
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    Going in September.... I am saving a couple hundred per pay!
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    Let's be the cat pack Hehe
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    Oooo Foa! Let's do it!
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    How about you both come to Vegas this coming summer. I should be going there myself for EDC.
  10. fire_of_avalon's Avatar
    We can be our own wolfpack. We'll be the lady wolfpack.
  11. fire_of_avalon's Avatar
    Sign me the smurf up.
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    Pfft. Forget Vegas. Let's gamble and get hookers.
    On second, forget the gambling. Let's just get hookers.
    Actually, forget the hookers. KC come over to me and Sarah's place. We'll get you drunk. Promise.
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    Chionos, nuts are gross in whatever you put them in. They are to be eaten singlely and that's it.
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    I like salted/roasted peanuts, but that's about it.
    I get my protein from manlier sources than nuts.
  15. Laddy's Avatar
    Nuts suck.
  16. Slothy's Avatar
    Nothing you just mentioned chins sounds remotely appealing to me. Mind you, I don't like trail mix or cereal anyway so adding nuts doesn't make them sound any tastier.
  17. chionos's Avatar
    Yes, what rubah said. Are you friggin kidding me? Nuts make everything better. Sliced almonds in your cereal or salad? yes, please. Peanuts and cashews in your trail mix? Why of course. American version of pralines in your ice cream? Mais oui, espece d'idiot!
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    what is wrong with you people
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    I like raw almonds, cashews and peanuts! They keep my coat shiny
  20. Psychotic's Avatar
    I don't like YOU!

    Also nuts. I smurfing hate nuts. Why do nuts exist? smurfing communism.
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