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  1. Jessweeee♪'s Avatar
    I like the little added crunch in ice cream. I don't like crunchy peanut butter though. And I HATE shortbread bits or "pie flakes" in my ice cream. No dough should be in my ice cream unless it's cookie dough, or if the ice cream is a topping on an actual pastry.
  2. Slothy's Avatar
    I love Almonds.

    Until you add them to other foods I like. Although I may love them, their consistency ruins things I otherwise like such as ice cream and chocolate. The only thing I can abide someone adding to nuts is salt. Otherwise leave my junk food the hell alone with your healthy nuts.
  3. Freya's Avatar
    Which one is the bad season. I just started season.... 4 I think or 3. Netflix just continuously plays them I'm not paying attention to what episode is which lol
  4. Shlup's Avatar
    Grey's Anatomy has been my favorite show since it started. Stick with it through the bad season--it gets good again.
  5. Shaibana's Avatar
    D: omg.. nooooo!! dont let it swallow you!! COME BACK we need yooouu !!
  6. sharkythesharkdogg's Avatar
    Maybe you'll get a robe, hair rollers, and slippers for Christmas.
  7. NorthernChaosGod's Avatar
    Wtf is a Pottermore?
  8. Shaibana's Avatar
    u like making fun of voldemort?
    This one is gonna knock u of yr chair :P

    ove it how everybody is looking like: ... should we do something? D:
  9. Freya's Avatar
    It's from a very potter musical! Go watch dak!
  10. Jiro's Avatar
    I don't know why that last gif makes me so happy xD
  11. Shaibana's Avatar
    ive it comes to that kind of stuff i really get anoyed with my family/parrents (mainly my dad)..
    at the end of oktober ill be going on Internship @ Sweden, and all the sudden i hear from my mom that my dad is kinda worried about it :S
    i think they underestemate me big time > i can take care of myself just fine! just becaus my room isnt tidy doesnt mean im gonna make a mess @ somebody elses (guest)house :O
  12. Jessweeee♪'s Avatar
    I just came out of Florida. I was very lucky that, apart from my boyfriend's dad, all of the old people I met were the ridiculously nice kind that treat you like a kid, but in the fun way where they don't bring up politics or religion and give you cookies. The worst I ever suffered from our neighbors was a thanksgiving dinner where they kept talking about lye soap and farms and stuff that all boiled down to "no I'M the oldest!"
  13. Freya's Avatar
    Inorite? It has happened to me more here in Oklahoma than anything. I also hate the sexist old men around here. I don't know anything because i'm young AND female so they have to have an older man to talk to or I can't tell them about anything they are asking for. -.- I think this comes out when they don't agree with me because they know they are wrong/don't understand it themselves. AKA oklahoma is stupid.
  14. Shlup's Avatar
    I like old people! It's weird that you have this problem though--you're not that young. I mean, teenagers are stupid as trout, but you're not one.
  15. Shattered Dreamer's Avatar
    Good to hear you're on the mend Freya
  16. Shlup's Avatar
    I love cute teacups. I have... three. Here's my favorite:

    You need a tea service for one! Those are always cute!
  17. Bunny's Avatar
    What do you have in.. exchange?
  18. Freya's Avatar
    20 cents.
  19. Hollycat's Avatar
    I have some from the 50's
    how much will you pay me?
  20. Hollycat's Avatar
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