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    I never knew there were so many issues with gene
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    Roddenberry was an atrocious writer, so they say. His world-building was good, but after a certain point of working in TV (around the beginning of the first season of Star Trek), he couldn't pen a story if you had a gun to his head.

    He never had another hit, the only reason he was kept around was because Paramount was contracturally obligated to allow him to comment on script drafts. After the 45 million dollar disaster (normal movies cost about 8 m in those days) that was The Motion Picture, the suits gave Roddenberry the largely ceremonial title of "Executive Consultant" and proceeded to utterly ignore him until he died.

    And yes, the original Star Trek isn't going to win any awards for promoting progressive gender relations. They were taking baby steps, though. It's difficult to understand how vice-grip repressive the world was back in the 60's. Even today, we're still dealing with all this negative trout, but back then, James Bond was sticking his John Thomas into any hole he could find. Women were disposable plot devices with lots of makeup and physically problematic tailoring.

    It's improved incrementally over the years, but it seemed to take a day off in the 80's for some reason. I'm going to guess cocaine.
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    I'd say. Gene Roddenberry was obsessed with space women. There's an earlier draft of the pilot for The Next Generation where Roddenberry puts a lot of emphasis on Dr. Crusher's appearance.
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    Maybe it's because I don't see it as Versus? Maybe that's why I'm okay. I didn't like 13 or any of the off shoots of it but I did like PARTS of it. With the praise i've heard for Type-0 I have a little bit more faith in XV because Tabata took over.
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    I wish I could get excited about the game, Freya, I really do. But as it stands I just can't. Maybe when the game is out and it proves to be as good as they're selling it, but until then it's not happening. I don't have as much faith in Square as the rest of you seem to have.

    I have been enjoying your news bits, though.
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    I really don't see it taking another 8 years, especially with how impatient fans are now and all the new info they're giving us. I'd say a year or two
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    I've never been able to hoola hoop, period. It's really neat you're doing this!
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    Yah I made two hoops today! Here's one.

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    Ooooh that's cool! So do you have a plan to get started?
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    It's a led hoop that when it spins around you it create images. that's a long exposure to show the images
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    That looks really cool! What's that second picture about?
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    My sister lives an hour away. She doesn't visit very often.
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    Woah, that's awesome!
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    jelly jelly bo belly banana nana fo felly JELLY

    I don't have a sister
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    Quote Originally Posted by Freya
    Seriously we need a rep feature on blogs. I giggled.

    get on it staff
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    Happy Wednesday? Down with Mondays!
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    It's hard to pull away and focus on your own things, but I think it's definitely good to be more creative. Also, I like "I like stuff".
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    Seriously we need a rep feature on blogs. I giggled.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kalevala
    Where's the like feature for blog responses?
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