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Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy is a video game series that most people at this website like. Some of them like it so much, they write about it in their blog. Hence, this category.

  1. Freya plays FFV (for the first time) Part 1

    Hello there. I've decided to play through FFV. I have never done so and I know a certain former pokey pirate who's claims this as his favorite. Justy told me to get the GBA version, so here I am. What's this blog about? Well my comments as I play. Also if you have any tips cause I know nothing about this one xD

    Freya says (12:01 AM):
    well that's convenient asshole
    "do you remember anything else?" "nope just my name!"
    Justy says (12:01 AM):
    haha ...

    Updated 02-12-2012 at 06:46 AM by Freya

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