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Personal Life

Gamers have lives! And if they run out of them, they best hope they'll have a continue left.

  1. Mondays

    It's not mondays I hate. It's my job on mondays. It's the busiest day of the week. I have a bunch of angry people who are frustrated cause we were closed on the weekend so everyone and their dog has to call in. Plus it's the beginning of the month so they all have to call in for that too. People tend to get paid at the beginning/end of the month so they all call in to pay their ...
    Personal Life
  2. Audiobooks!

    I like them. I'm lazy and I drive a lot. I've been trying to find an amusing werewolf paranormal romance that doesn't royally suck. You know how hard this is? Why do they have to put such lame covers on so many fantasy type books. Do people buy them with such lame covers? ugh. This is why normal people make fun of fantasy so much you know!
  3. Things I've been doing of late

    I've been a busy bee of late. I still check eoff but you might have noticed a drop in actual posting. Or might not have.... Jerks.

    • Working lots. I have acquired 4 jobs in the past like 3 months and it's so sporadic when I work. 4 part time jobs that is, can't seem to get one good fulltime job here in oklahoma. Unless I want to work for Halliburton and smurf that.

    • Reading a LOT. I've finished quite a few books lately.

    • Learning Swedish! Yeah.