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  1. Distraction and Decisions

    Once upon a time, my ex came to town. She made a very lurid proposition and I had to consult my magic 8-ball (read as: everyone here at Eyes) about how to move forward.

    Well, she came back to town about two weeks ago. Despite the fact that I was close enough to her house on the first day to go and visit (which I desperately wanted to), I decided to fore-go that initial drop-by because I figured she'd be visiting with family. She later told me that her family didn't come to visit her ...
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  2. Conspiracy

    I've gotten a few complaints about my insinuations lately regarding the connection between conspiracy and crap political decisions or general social grievances. But I personally feel that conspiracy exists and if it exists then it is relevant.

    But fine. There's no illuminati, no grand design, no conspiracy, no secret society, and everything we're told is true and their is no hole in the ozone and there is no air/water pollution and there is no brainwashing through media. Oh wait. ...
  3. Dealing With Demons

    Surprise! I'm back.

    Quote Originally Posted by Vincent, Thunder God View Post
    I agree that people have to adapt to those who are different or seem a bit odd/strange, it also falls upon the individual to then modify his or her own behaviour as well, as far as it is within their own powers and ability to do so - and usually a lot of it is.

    Therapy is a viable option for those who can afford it, but be further advised that this too has inherent problems if your psychologist is inclined to kowtow to the psychiatrists and just
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  4. VII Tips

    Quote Originally Posted by Mercen-X View Post
    The only place this won't work is in the Battle Arena IF they give you only the one option like "Magic Materia"-"Magic Materia"-"Magic Materia"... in those cases, you're completely screwed and should give up before something terrible happens. Otherwise, if you press the Square button, you'll notice the Slots don't move while the screen is missing. This way, you can more easily predict which item is coming up and time you confirmation accordingly. The same is true for
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