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  1. VII years now here!!! VII freaking years of my Eyes on this site!!! bigsmile:

    Dear Eoff and Eoffers and who this might concern,

    I think I just have to make one of this every year!! Hahaha, the last one was in 2011. This has to be the only site in my life that I still frequent after 7 freaking years!!

    I must say this site hasn't really lost its charm although it is not as active & vibrant as it used to be. It really can't be helped. There are just too many other games out there taking people away from the Final Fantasy series. I ...
  2. Already 6 years here? Sure is long isn't it?

    Dear Eoff and Eoffers and who this might concern,

    Wow, I realized I have spent six years here in EoFF although I think I am only active for like half or less than that duration! But the thing is I still remember to come back here every now and then!

    I find it kinda hard to believe that I actually didn't forget about this place nor most of the people here! Although most of them that I knew aren't active anymore but hey, I get to know new people too as time ...
  3. Oh you little brats and your silly fantasies!

    Well I am a matured and rational educator now working in a school!

    So for these past few months I have been hanging out with this male teacher in the school since we got posted there at the same time and we are around the same age too!

    Due to our work, we are like always seen to be together (ONLY IN SCHOOL THOUGH). So this is where the kids start coming up with stories with us being a couple and stuffs!

    One time we are having ...