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Carl the Llama

  1. I've done it!!!

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    Ok, so some of you know that I have chronic kidney disease... well I have been on dialysis for over a year and today is a landmark day for me. When I was diagnosed with CKD back in 2008 it was a shock to be sure, I was told that I had at least 10 years before I would even need dialysis, let alone a transplant... cut a long story short my kidney (I only have 1) failed a lot quicker then anyone thought and had about 6% kidney function when I had my fistula put in (10% is normally the time people start
  2. Fare Thee Well... my old PC that is xD this is the final act I will do on this computer before I unplug it, then give it to my brother, fare well beloved PC, we had a good run, but now its time for you to hang up your little mouse pack up your CPU and head to a new home.

    You will be missed... for about 10 minutes xD.
  3. The KaiserDragon Speaks, you noobs shall listen!

    Apparently I have been an idiot, I woke up in the middle of my sleepy time and decided to be an idiot and moan like a top dollar hookah!

    Yep, I bitched at one of the mods, I completely misinterpreted what he said and I behaved like one of these:

    So I decided I would make a blog to allow all of you guys to poke fun at me without the risk of being banned from EoEO, go ahead, call me an idiot I deserve it. ...
  4. Mega Upload is gone.

    Well America has done it, those smurfing idiots have closed down the biggest file host on the internet, yes, MegaUpload has been shut down and the owners have been arrested.

    Disgusted? I know I am, not only disgusted though but smurfing angry too... could America have done anything as stupid as what they have just done, the internet is going to be up in smurfing arms about this.

    with just 2 minutes in chat (on another site) everyone is clamouring for hackers of the world ...
  5. Squeenix... helpful or not?

    basically I just had a long ass convo with one of squeenix's employee's:

    SEE Agent Michael: Hello and thank you for contacting SQUARE ENIX Customer Support. Just a few moments while I review your question, please.
    You: the question has changed
    You: lol
    You: I went through this yesterday with an SEE names Karen
    You: named*
    SEE Agent Michael: How can I help?
    You: basically I didn't write the password she gave me
    You: and I had a powercut ...
  6. Mafia XXI Day 5: Silent Night

    Quote Originally Posted by [M] Hojo View Post
    I don't know why I said that. DD and KD are smurfing fantastic hosts. I really appreciate DD spending a whole day putting the accounts together and fixing some issues quickly and efficiently so the game could start on the day it was supposed to. I also think KD is awesome for planning the game straight off the bat, and despite his incredibly busy working life as a manager, he kept the game running at a smooth and consistent pace for a fairly long time. Thanks guys, you're both really cool.