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  1. ham's Avatar
    I like it
  2. Quindiana Jones's Avatar
  3. Dr. Acula's Avatar
    So good you had to blog it.
  4. Quindiana Jones's Avatar
    gunning for "Best Blog Post" in the Summer Ciddies 2038
  5. Psychotic's Avatar
    me too ^
  6. Mr Gashtacular's Avatar
    i rated this five stars although idk if it does anything
  7. Mr Gashtacular's Avatar
    fairly typical Chinese affair eh
  8. Quindiana Jones's Avatar
    Bots love the blogs, it seems.
  9. Jinx's Avatar
    thanks, monika~
  10. MonikaJames's Avatar
    This guy never watched an Arcane Archer full in action lol, or a Overlord. I can also advise you to pay attention to the online resume writing service the cv store These guys will help you cope with writing a quality resume in the shortest possible time, which will greatly help you in your job search.
  11. Quindiana Jones's Avatar
    I'm sure I'll get a lot of use from this feature!
  12. Dr. Acula's Avatar
  13. Quindiana Jones's Avatar
    Kind of, since we don't actually have anywhere to train, so we just go out in some back alleys. xD
  14. kotora's Avatar
    are you saying you started a fight club?
  15. Quindiana Jones's Avatar
    I'm also starting weekly self-defence and sparring sessions with a few mates. I remember a lot, but my muscle memory has gone, so it's going to be fun starting it up again,
  16. Bolivar's Avatar
    Keep going Quin! I just converted 20km to miles - that's 12! Hot damn, dude! I've been running about 3 twice a week, I'd like to be able to get it somewhere up there as well.

    Life has a lot of ways of hurting your motivation but you have to mentally separate that from your routine. Good luck!
  17. kotora's Avatar
    every evening choreographed dancing on the nearest public square should also help with burning some extra calories
  18. Shaibana's Avatar
    haha indeed Scotty. a month salary for a stupid old phone xD.
    better het a brand new one.. you could buy 50 phones for it :P
  19. Scotty_ffgamer's Avatar
    You should have called back and told them that if they pay you 1000RMB, they can keep the phone.
  20. Quindiana Jones's Avatar
    I'm fairly convinced they have no intention of returning it, haha.

    Yeah, should probably give some perspective. 2000RMB is a fairly average monthly wage for most commonplace jobs in most Chinese cities. In the area I live, Guizhou, that's actually pretty decent. Average is around 1500. xD
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