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  1. Quin's Exercise Diary Week 01

    So, this year I've lost 15kg (90kg to 75kg) which is nice, but I haven't been focusing on the exercises recently, so I've become weak as a kitten but still gone up to a chubby 80kg.

    I'm starting this as a motivation exercise, and will update each post daily whilst adding a new one weekly.

    Today's Achievements:

    Knee raises - 6x6 - poor form and tiring
    Half push ups - 6x6 - perfect form but tiring
    Squats - 6x6 - perfect form and pretty
  2. Cid's Knight Competition Round Four

    I am quite drunk. Excuse my inevitable typos.

    1) Loony BoB has told Psychotic to "shut the smurf up". We don't allow swearing! We also don't allow people to order other people around in such a manner. Loony BoB has been a bad boy. He needs to be punished. What do you do?
    Snip the post, then bitch about how CKs can't ban Admins even when the they're blatantly breaking the rules. If I could ban him, I'd give him a short term ban to see if he cools off. Repeat ...