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This can be a foot to the lame.

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  1. So let's talk Moogles

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    mon then ill turn u upside down and inside out so u can finally dribble with ur feet not ur gob you smurfin relic
  2. This is dedicated to all Oldies

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    Just discovered "Blog this post" feature.
  3. Beans

  4. They took the phone. O_O

    So, as I exited the taxi, I performed my usual check. Nope, nothing has been left behind. Good. I bend over to retrieve my backpack from the back seat and leave. The taxi drives away.

    Seconds later, I realise my phone is not in my pocket. "Piss," think I, with some embarrassment at my own ineptitude. I don't mind too much, but I did like the number.

    This morning, a friend of mine calls the phone. Turns out some people have found it and picked it up! That's ...
  5. any bots up in the house?