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  1. Five EoFFers and Five Things I Wish They Blogged About

    1. Miriel: In-depth food recipes for Mexican and Korean cuisine.

    2. Rocket Edge : Bob Ross-like how-to vlogs, or blogs about painting and illustrating.

    3. I'm My Own MILF: Drunk blogs. Blogs where he only makes when he's completely piss faced.

    4. Levian: The many faces of Levian. Picture blog of Levian making a different face (preferably a ghetto one) for each day of the year. Starting from day 1 and continuing onward the whole 365 days. Just because. ...
  2. Top Blogs

    "Blog is like a Twitter
    for people who talk too much."
    - @AndyMilonakis -

    Note: I was going to post pictures depicting some of the stuff featured on each of the blogs I will be listing, but since my internet is being dumb right now that will have to wait. Until then, I hope you enjoy the picture below. If your name is GuardianXIII you'll probably be jizzing your pants right about...

    [IMG] ...