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  1. Loony BoB's Avatar
    I want to rep Calliope's comment, can't. Can't even Favourite it.

    Also, Doc Who is pretty cool. I think I'm 1-2 seasons behind now, so I gotta download those and watch them with Danielle sometime...
  2. krissy's Avatar
    i've been doing it for like two months

    i haven't cried over media in years but end of season 2 holy crap

    like a baby
  3. Jinx's Avatar
    And another one joins our ranks.
  4. Calliope's Avatar
    RT @krissy i am so happy that i started watching doctor who with my lil bro. we're on s3. no spoilers. it is the best. best. best best best. best best. of the best.
  5. Edge7's Avatar
    I love this blog post. Everything about it.
  6. krissy's Avatar
    i can't make fun of this game anymore

    the main's are just too kind hearted

    and i'm pretty much having fun. i also like that vyse and aika are in it as recruits lol. way to go sega.

    i just feel like they're being really lighthearted about war but i mean it's a fantasy video game. i dunno what i'm thinking. but flying pig? come onnnn not everyting needs anime rules in it
  7. Bolivar's Avatar
    I almost feel bad for laughing at this perversion of a wonderful game, but yeah, I'm interested in reading this series now.

    Please don't let the system hold you back from playing the awesomeness that is VC2. The game is good in some ways because of the PSP, not in spite of it. The only drawback was that the battlefields had to be smaller, but each battle involves multiple maps which teams can travel between, so in a way it's even more tactical. The story is just as epic and they do a better job fleshing out all the characters in the game. When it finally ended I thought it might just be even better the the first.
  8. Goldenboko's Avatar
    Playing through it now. It's OK. Not as good as the first.
  9. Futan's Avatar
    Boko speaks the truth. I kind of regret never playing 2 but they should've put it on a real console.
  10. Goldenboko's Avatar
    I love this game. You'll love this game. Everyone should love this game.
  11. Raistlin's Avatar
    "Ambiguous" is a polite word for that ending. "Nonsensical" was the one I used.
  12. Tigmafuzz's Avatar
    "It's the little things..."
    - Lots of famous people
  13. Hollycat's Avatar
    you should post in duck thread
  14. Tigmafuzz's Avatar
    Most things are free to watch on YouTube in segments. And music = not bad.
  15. Parker's Avatar
    if youre twelve get off the internet and go outside unless you want to end up like ol' mr parker here
  16. Freya's Avatar
    LOL Hypo.

    Krissy, make more posts. I like you posting again. It amuses me.
  17. Sephex's Avatar
    [castlevaniasotn]A MISERABLE PILE OF LETTERS, BUT ENOUGH TALK! HAVE AT YOU![/castlevanaisotn]
  18. Hollycat's Avatar
    If you really are twelve, do you have your parents permission to be on this site