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    Ive never heard this term 'made on drugs' before, but I do know exactly what youre referring to. Those that have created successful albums/art on drugs have either been lucky or unlucky in terms of their lifespan.

    I am very much against drugs. There's no point being a drug induced creative if its just gonna end your life before you have a chance to grow into something even more talented. Being drug free has never stopped me from being ultra-creative. Sure, I could've done with some more sleep over the years, but at least it's all me :-)
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    I did mention that it does happen in some cases, but it's still not a valid excuse to use this phrase as often as it is used, IMO

    Also, the phrase is also mostly used against visual media, of which I'm pretty sure there are fewer instances where this happened than in rock music.
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    Not remembering an album is actually pretty good I'd say. If i did as much coke and other things as some of histories greatest musicians i wouldn't remember making albums because i didn't. I'd be dead.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vivi22
    Agreed, though in the case of rock music from bands like Led Zeppelin, it is absolutely appropriate to say that their stuff was made on drugs.
    The blog is right except in the case as Vivi22 has point ed out, when we do know it was actually made on drugs. David Bowie apparently has a whole album he doesn't remember making because of "reasons"
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    Agreed, though in the case of rock music from bands like Led Zeppelin, it is absolutely appropriate to say that their stuff was made on drugs.
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    I agree. This sort of dismissing by slapping simple labels on it and never thinking about it any more deeply than that rubs me all the wrong ways and not just in the context of art either.
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    I agree completely!
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    I kind of miss just being a moomba like when I first joined and was too lazy to find something else for an avatar.
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    You should have built up to the change with a Farewell Ten reference.

    I've gone through so many faces here it's like... what up?
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    I think this is my third avatar since joining EoFF. I rarely change it, because the avatar is usually some picture I share across all message boards and social networks I frequent, and I get attached to it easily. Right now it's B.Battler, one of my favorite superbosses and one of most fun fighting game battles I've ever had.

    My sig though changes frequently, although the format stays the same I often change the picture, to whatever suits me at the moment.
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    I change mine when I get bored with it which seems to be every 3 weeks to 2 months on average. sharky doesn't change his very often so you guys have that in common!

    I decide mine by the games I'm playing. I just pick some cute/nice pics of characters I like. But I do save all of my sets so I can go back and use any if I miss them

    Your new set looks good!
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    Ah... Okay, great, I see it. Thanks!


    Though at this point, with all these comments, it doesn't feel right deleting this
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    Can you see this comment and all the others? Can you? If so, good, scroll upwards and click the pen icon next to the "Um" title. Even above the Edit Blog Post section should be a Delete Blog Post section.
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    No, you see, I wanted to reply to a thread on my phone, and instead of clicking "reply with quote" I clicked "blog this post" and didn't even notice the difference >.<

    Why can't I delete blog posts? This is so frustrating!
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    I accidently made a comment.
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    Accidentally... Sure...
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    Many times.
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    You're a big meanie, anyone tell you that?
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