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    Hi Fynn, I am new but I can relate to your points. I actually just learned this today but when we are facing off with a difficult dilemma, it's better to acknowledge that it is how we interpret the situation rather than the event itself.
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    Even if the world constantly thinks about you as an outsider, I want you to know that I would never knowingly want to make you feel different or inferior. I sorry for those times where I've said your voice sounds slightly German: I definitely never meant it in a negative fashion.

    You are a better writer and linguist than anyone else I know. I don't think of you as a non-native English speaker, and it is terrible when employers immediately reject your application. Like, have they seen any of your work? Even a cursory glance would show them otherwise.

    As for your creative writing, don't give up. Keep writing. Never stop improving. It sounds trite, but one of these days, you will be noticed.
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    Fynn you are better at English and writing it than I am and almost all I grew up with and we grew up in a place where if you don't speak English you got told in a universal language to get the heck out.

    No need to hide where you are from. I know if you wrote something I would be one of the first to sign up for it to support you no matter what it was. In fact I would share it with my friends and brag I know you.

    If if you want to spread your creative wings have you thought about writing an online book that would add a chapter each week or month or so until it was finished? It wouldn't pay the bills but it may give you that freedom you were searching for without having to quit your day job right away and keep the bills paid.
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    You have the least Polish Polish accent ever. Honestly, if you moved to the UK and told everyone your name was Chad Princeton or Bryce Mapleleaf, people would believe you were American or Canadian.
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    Basically. The answer is sephiroth
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    You probably just need a break for a moment but these things kind of happen. You should do something else that is creative, I find that helps me. Compose a musical piece, something original that has nothing to do with any of your writing.
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    That poses a new question that I myself could learn from. What can we do to put less work on ourselves to decrease the amount of stress so we can be more productive?

    nvm. Just being slow.
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    I don't think its just about reading material honey, I think he's working too hard. But ultimately its up to Fynn himself to work through this, and Fynn, you will get through this trust me :-)
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    Why do you suppose you feel this way? After feeling the juices flowing after reading new things do you think the problem might've stemmed from a lack of reading material? Many writers will claim that the best way to improve is to read as many books as possible to see all the different ways one can write, and create your own style from those examples. Something that could be demonstrated and most likely have been for many. I myself noticed a drastic improvement in my writing after reading something I haven't before that was closer to the writing style I already had. It made me accept my own strengths and weaknesses and encourage me to write further. What do you think?

    Edit: Reading your post again it looks like I'm stating the obvious at this point, but I thought it was worth going into more detail.
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    Hey there Fynn. I'm sorry you're not feeling up to writing right now. I have had times like this, times that have lasted a good while but my creativity has always returned. If I may offer a suggestion, I would say that in your case its because you take on too much and spread yourself too thin. I think you're a little burnt out and you need to rest up. From what I know of you, you do have a lot on right now. By the way, you sounded great in your recent podcast with Kanno :-)
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    I've actually been reading new things much more lately and I can kinda feel the creative juices swirling around a bit thanks to that, so maybe it will help me get back up in the long run. Currently reading A Prayer for Owen Meany and it's great! So different to what I normally read.

    Anyway, thanks guys. I'll try not to dwell on it so much and hopefully get to sit down and write something soon
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    Karifean is correct. Just let yourself rest and don't dwell on it. You can't write all the time and sometimes you need to take a long break to shake things back up and reignite the flame!

    Maybe pick up a brand new hobby if you can and just stretch out some other creative muscles!
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    Well that sucks. But don't force it. I'm sure you'll overcome this if you give it some time, maybe expose yourself to some more unique and interesting writing that gets the fire going again. When you do we'll happily welcome you back
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    Aha! So that's where it went! :O
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    It's okay Fynn, I just stole your mojo but in a short while someone will steal it back from me and it will just go round and round again etc etc
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    Whoa, just came across this. Junpei is the man! One of the best parts of P3P and probably my favourite character from the game. I loved how moody he was; how he'd get jealous and mad at you. It made him really human. Also, his portraits were absolutely hilarious. GOAT character
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    He did grow on me but still wasn't my favourite
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rez09
    Yay, more people doing this! \ ^_^ /

    I still really need to play these games so I can offer a more valuable response, though. ; -;
    Yes. You have a moral obligation to play it.
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    Yay, more people doing this! \ ^_^ /

    I still really need to play these games so I can offer a more valuable response, though. ; -;
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