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    Congrats guys!
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    Awwwww Danielle!
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    Your name is now Noone. Congratulations!
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    What was my first chat like?

    Go go, Gadget Retention!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shorty
    How much digging did you have to do to find that?
    I started searching through old logs spontaneously yesterday looking for what people were like when they first joined. Tassles, for example, arrived, said nothing for ages, left and didn't come back for months. But nobody had a more amusing first few months in chat than Danielle. I swear she has some kind of natural drug in her head that makes her say the weirdest trout. xD But yeah, didn't take too much digging once I decided to do it. I wonder if I have your first chats...
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    [21:57] <Loony_BoB> Challenge Accepted
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    Double wedding with Rantz and Shorty.

    Do it.

    Do it.
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    The past has a way of catching up with you eh?
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    This blog post is infinitely more hilarious if you imagine that someone like HC made it.
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    How much digging did you have to do to find that?
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    You're not a person.

    You're a chocobo.
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    Actually when you suggested it, I did check out my posting habits outside of the staff forum and found that they were smurfing excellent. This wasn't that I felt I wasn't posting enough outside of staff, but to see how my posting habits would change. But that was more of a secondary reason to the other ones, particularly the first two reasons which were the things in my head when I started it all.
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    Whoa whoa whoa wait. WAIT so you took a vacation to get back to posting outside of staff because you felt as if you were lacking in that department, the same thing you got mad at me about for suggesting to you like a year ago? OH BOB you silly man.

    I'm glad though that you took the time to appreciate how right I am how much eoff means to you. Also this also proves we're never getting rid of your stinky feet in staff. I've been spraying it with air freshener all week and it still smells! Welcome back dorkface
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    Glad it went well!
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    I was going to ask but then thought better of it. In all honesty, I though it was a prank or something, especially when you name got changed to [REDACTED]. Glad you were able to take a break!
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    I'll be honest. Once or twice during last semester when I couldn't get anything done for EoFF because of my workload I considered taking a "vacation". Eventually I just decided most people on staff would understand if I wasn't around, but I think our reasoning for wanting to vacation was different.
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    I've had fun getting to know you during my time here. I like to try and be friendly with people, regardless of their status. But yes, I am used to you being on staff, and it was pretty easy for me to forget you took a break :P.

    It makes sense things would be stressful for you. Without knowing everything going on, weddings can be very stressful. I've been wondering a lot lately whether getting married is even the right thing for me, and I'm not even engaged :P. Everybody goes through stressful times. Your friends are here for you if you need to talk.
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    A lot of times, taking a step back is always what someone needs to do - regardless of what the situation is.

    Glad you got it all settled. ^_^
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