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  1. Danielle, 15th June 2005

    Her first day in chat!

    [21:56] <SmittenKitten> noone would marry me

    wanna bet, lady!?
  2. It's been one week since you looked at me, cocked your head to the side and said...

    A fair few people have asked me why I've taken a week off staff and I can't seem to settle into an answer. There are all kinds of little reasons and none of them are negative towards the staff of EoFF or my relationship with Danielle.

    I can understand how people would jump to those conclusions, I suppose, but it's simply not the case for either option. I've not been unhappy with staff, in fact I've been quite happy being on staff and I enjoy it far more often than not. As for Danielle, ...
  3. Finding a decent pair of sunglasses in Scotland is a bitch.

    Aviators, aviators, aviators, and oh, would you care to see the aviators? Urgh. Finally struck gold at Jenners. Although I'm pretty sure I just spent more on a pair of sunglasses than I've spent on clothes in the past three years. xD
  4. doop doop

    A lot of things are getting to me lately, and in some cases a little more than I care to admit publically. Some things are making me paranoid, and almost everything is making me stressed out. I suppose I'll make a vague attempt at listing them off and going through each thing one by one. This is a venting, people. I don't need help or anything, I just like the weird little idea in my head that someone out there is aware of my thoughts.

    Firstly, my job might be gone in October. ...
    Personal Life
  5. Cross-posted from Facebook. More likely to be read on here, somehow!

    A lot of people have asked, and I've already gone through the below in various levels of detail to about a dozen people. Here's something to satisfy your curiosity. It's LONG...

    So I wanted to propose in the snow during one of our spontaneous midnight snowfights we sometimes have. Thankyou, Edinburgh, for somehow managing to make me go through an entire winter without snow for the very first time. >=( After that, it was a case of thinking of new ideas. Danielle had already made ...
  6. Introduce me to some somewhat obscure music.

    Go on. I do love music by artists that are well known in their area but not huge enough to be global. At the moment, some of my favourite stuff to listen to includes Alphabeat, The Naked and Famous and The Feelers. Gimme the names of some other bands and artists that don't have any US/UK top 10 hits, stuff like that. I'm talking bands that get to around 20-30 with some of their singles and not much better. Maybe even far worse. But still good stuff, obviously. Go go go.

    I am ...
  7. Control yourself - take only what you need from it.

    Jiro made a thread about blogs in the staff forum and it got me thinking about... well, blogs. I haven't posted one in a while so I figured I may as well. Here's a very quick and pointless run-down on what's going on in my world.

    I went to the Isle of Arran on Saturday for a nice trip, partly because some of Danielle's family were also going there, partly because it was a means to catching up with Mo & Abbey who we met there last time and partly because it was a nice place to go ...
    Personal Life
  8. What the hell, guys.

    STILL no retirement threads for Rye or Kishi? EoFF's members are slacking. I'd do it myself but apparently people get all whiney when a staffer makes these threads. As I found out last time I made a thread for a retired forums staffer.
  9. Today I finally bothered to finish my FFV game.

    That means within the past year (as in 365 days, obviously, being 2011 and all) I've completed FFV, FFXII and FFXIII - all for the first time. Not bad! I'll probably also finish FFIX for the first time in the next month, so that'll make four in the past year. Before now I'd finished VII, VIII and X, for what it's worth. I'll probably re-finish those soon enough, too - or at least the first two. Not sure if I'll ever play X again for a long time. Just don't like Yuna and Tidus.
    Final Fantasy
  10. Today I won the internet.

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