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  1. More baby news.

    It's a girl!

    We think. The doctor said he was 90% sure. Normally I'd like those odds, but for a split second I thought I saw a little something extra in between those legs, and then he shifted the wand thing and it was gone. I think he's in cahoots with the woman.

    90% is a lot of %, but even so, I think I'll wait until the next ultrasound confirms it before I start picking out outfits and junk. In about eight weeks we get to see a 3D ultrasound, and ...
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  2. Fetuses that look like babies

    We had a second ultrasound yesterday. It was pretty freaking great for a few good reasons.

    1. We got to see an actual baby looking baby in there. It's only been four weeks since the first ultrasound but that kid's grown so much. S/he's gone from a little bean shaped thing to a little bean shaped thing with limbs. I believe I saw a nose as well!

    2. The kid's a dancin' fool. Our OB had a student shadowing him and he let her play with the wand thing during the show. She ...
  3. Little bean

    Mindy and I spoke with an obstetrician on Friday and things are looking pretty good. That's my kid down there.

    I don't know if you're like me, but I can never figure these things out. I had to have the doctor explain it to me. You see that black void of nothingness surrounded by all that uterus television static? Well the baby is that little bean shaped thing hangin' out at the bottom ...

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    Personal Life
  4. G14

    I found out last week that my girlfriend is pregnant. Scary times are ahead of me.

    I suppose I just want to address it so you all can keep up with what's going on in my life. I can't justify making a thread about it because where's the topic in that? "Have any unprotected sex lately?" Weird.

    I won't be announcing it on Facebook as there are a whole lot of people I haven't told yet and that would be a terrible way to break the news, but also mostly ...
  5. Ugh

    It's like 6am, I'm slightly intoxicated, and the neighbors are having noisy sex.

    Like off and on for three hours.

    And I'm pretty sure I heard a third voice a few times.
  6. Critics! I need you!

    For those of you who don't know, I am a writer. Usually I write stories for EoFF that mirror my ridiculous sense of humor, but I have a serious side. I recently thought up and wrote what I think to be an incredible story (It's even got a moral in it ).

    That's where you, dear reader, come in. I need you to shatter my delusions of grandeur. I want you to read my story, now located in the Writer's Corner, and tell me everything wrong I did in it. I'll even link you here as I know ...
  7. Night-terrors

    I get night-terrors on occasion. If you're unfamiliar with them they are waking nightmares basically. I don't really want to get into describing how they come about because it's all over my head really.

    I used to have them a lot when I was a kid, now I'm lucky enough to only have one or two a year. I can't even begin to describe what I see or the fear I experience. I understand that different people have varying degrees of intensity. Mine get pretty bad and last longer than I'd like ...
  8. A question for readers

    I have this great idea for a book series. It started as a half-assed short story and grew into something better. The more I wrote the better it got. Now I have more story than I know what to do with and a character that is doing so much it's ridiculous considering the time frame I have it all in.

    So I have a question for anyone who loves reading. How do you feel about a series that doesn't go in order? Like, say, if I wrote a book and the sequel was actually a prequel or a story that ...

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  9. HEY-O!

    I'm thinking about studying abroad. Know any good broads?
  10. What to do...

    I have a new idea for a story, one that I think I can put a lot of emotion into, but I'm having some trouble deciding on how to end it. Tragic? Happy? Funny? What do you like? I'm leaning towards tragic.