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Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy is a video game series that most people at this website like. Some of them like it so much, they write about it in their blog. Hence, this category.

  1. Today I finally bothered to finish my FFV game.

    That means within the past year (as in 365 days, obviously, being 2011 and all) I've completed FFV, FFXII and FFXIII - all for the first time. Not bad! I'll probably also finish FFIX for the first time in the next month, so that'll make four in the past year. Before now I'd finished VII, VIII and X, for what it's worth. I'll probably re-finish those soon enough, too - or at least the first two. Not sure if I'll ever play X again for a long time. Just don't like Yuna and Tidus.
    Final Fantasy