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  1. Shlup's Avatar
    I've been debating getting a 3DS to play A Link Between Worlds myself.
  2. Shaibana's Avatar
    @ bolivar .. that just shows how crazy it is.. in other games when u start with 'rank 1'.. nobody really cares, you just play along.
    but from what i hear, at black ops etc when you are a low rank you dont mather.
    its even more a pitty that you HAVE to play the multiplayer inmediatly if you want to catch up with the others
  3. Bolivar's Avatar
    Shaibana - I agree that it is a little sad. I myself used to always play the campaign first, check out the co-op, replay the story a few times, but now I find myself shunning all those modes since any time you spend away from MP is less time you're ranking up, mastering the systems, getting better, etc. It's crazy but it really is like bliss...

    Quin - man, that's such a topic onto itself. The decline of the game manual... real sad! I wonder if part of the reason they don't really give you any information nowadays is because they're really not building many interesting worlds anymore.
  4. Huckleberry Quin's Avatar
    It may not be much of a ritual, but back in the good old days, I used to spend ages rifling through the manuals, reading up on the background of the characters, the history of the world, the various weapons and vehicles, everything. That's considerably harder nowadays.
  5. Shaibana's Avatar
    im not really inton that kind of war games
    what i find verry sad about the Modern warfare's (etc) is that it is all about the multyplayer.
    i personaly dont really care much about the multyplayers, i just want a good campaign story!!

    i have never been at a launch party, but i dont think i would care much for it..
    maybe that is becaus i would have to go alone, but now that i have a bf perhaps we can go together when there is a good game comming out.

    i know this is not much use to you, but here at a store we have an amazing deal
    if you give them 3 used games (together worth 40 euro's used) you can buy the game for 20 euro's. these pre-order actions are for AC3 and Black ops 2
    since i am also unemployed that has been a real saviour when i bought AC3