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  1. Laddy Game Livestreams

    Tonight at 5PM Central Time I will livestream me playing a variety of games, mostly RPG's. Come in a join the fun.

    My schedule...
    -Might & Magic VII: For Blood and Honor
    -Wizardry 8
    -Rollercoaster Tycoon 3
    -Maybe MAYBE Temple of Elemental Evil.

    Commentary during play will be encouraged, especially if you wanna think of silly character names and deadly rollerocasters.
  2. Updated My Journal

  3. I Want You

  4. I am awake at a late hour. I have opinions.

    It's late, I'm delirious, and I want to post things. Here are some random thoughts of things that drive me up the wall.

    • If you want me to like something, don't ever mention shipping. Nothing kills my interest in a piece of fiction more than fans' shipping.
    • Bacon is immensely overrated.
    • People who post inspirational quotes from famous people on Facebook with no reference to the speaker is, like, the worst thing ever.
    • Ryan Gosling is mildly attractive. Only mildly.
    • Gun

    Why are you doing this to me!? Oh my god this is smurfing evil. I am in an eternal depression I will never get out of.
  6. Laddy's Weekly Blog

    Starting today, I'm going to post a blog every Thursday about stuff, mostly TV/Music/Video Games and shizz. I'll try to focus of three topics.

    1. TV On The Radio
    I've loved this band for a long, long time. But I seriously do smurfing love them. It's like Indie music with a soul, an Indie band that doesn't beat you in the head with its pretentiousness. It's just really damn good music with awesome writing and music videos. Plus, the band isn't filled with smarmy douchebags. ...