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  1. Laddy's Avatar
  2. I Took the Red Pill's Avatar
    such doge
  3. Jinx's Avatar
    update your butt now please
  4. Pike's Avatar
  5. Laddy's Avatar
    He's a 7.
  6. Jinx's Avatar
    I thought I was the only one who thought that Ryan Gosling is just okay!
  7. Laddy's Avatar
    Oh no, don't. T.T
  8. Shorty's Avatar


    drop the bass

    I think we'd be good friends irl.
  9. Formalhaut's Avatar
    I'm trying to guess if this is an overreaction or not.
  10. Shaibana's Avatar
  11. Laddy's Avatar
    Holy trout, how did I forget The Hobbit? I saw the damn filmn twice! xD
  12. Formalhaut's Avatar
    I actually saw none of these films.
  13. Shaibana's Avatar
    the avengers and The Dark Knight without a doubt
    but The Hobbit shouldnt be left out :3

    The hunger games, for sure!!!
  14. Pumpkin's Avatar
    You havn't been a dickweed Laddy!!!

    You should review any and all movies that have Woody Harrelson in them.
  15. sharkythesharkdogg's Avatar
    I have noticed him alienating people and being a dick weed, but I'd hardly call itNEW behavior.

    Kidding! You've been pretty sociable in my book.

    You could review Cowboys vs. Aliens or some piece of Ann Rice trash.
  16. Jiro's Avatar
    I haven't noticed you alienating anyone or being a dickweed so I'd say you're coo'. I am looking forward to seeing some of these reviews, but I actually don't have any suggestions unfortunately

    Just keep up the good work my friend!
  17. Martyr's Avatar
    Lot's of people talk about doing reviews, but I don't see any of it happening.

    We should watch movies and then have Review-Offs to see who gives the most biting, engaging, thought provoking reviews.

    My recommendation for a bad review is:
    Transporter 2
  18. Jiro's Avatar
    I really like the look of Super 8, hopefully I'll have a chance to catch it
  19. Christmas's Avatar
    It's ok!!!! It's OK!!!! Nothing cannot be settle easily. If not, I can alway lend you my lightsaber!

    But seriously, I am glad you are ok!
  20. Peegee's Avatar
    wtf is this about?

    [color=green]>implying laddy is that big of an annoyance[/color]

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