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    Back to Breath of Fire 3 and I got into a Mega Man mood
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    The FFVI retrospective is finally finished. just took me two more years. Hopefully the others will go more smoothly.
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    Alright, I'll make the retrospectives my priority. VI is about halfway done, and I've started the leg work for VII and VIII by collecting images I hope to use. I will warn you that the VI retrospective is getting a bit on the long side...

    I'm probably only halfway through and the length is already the same as my longest article FFII which was roughly nine pages long. Depending on the length I may have to split it into a two parter just for your comfort.
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  5. remy5623's Avatar
    I've very much enjoyed reading your other retrospectives. I'd say that's what I'd like to see the most.
  6. Fynn's Avatar
    I’m gonna second the retrospective here! Though even if we still have to wait, I think it’s fine - what’s more important is that you get to sit down to it when you’re comfortable
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  8. Karifean's Avatar
    That'd be the Retrospective.
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    I might agree if the game had more content to actually make traversing the world worthwhile. Dungeon design has never been the series strong point, and while towns are interesting to explore, I don't feel SIV has the strongest town selection on account of the weak plot and cast hurting the location. I honestly found the Island Nations to be far more interesting is SV and you only get to travel to one small location in that game.
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    Yes, but which one would you like to see the most?
  11. Karifean's Avatar
    I enjoyed your FFV and X-2 Let's Plays a bunch while they were ongoing (never followed the III one since I don't know the game), and I always love reading people's thoughts and feelings on games they care about, so I'd be interested in the retrospective a lot ^^
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    Suikoden IV is still a decent game, it just has the misfortune of being woefully outclassed by the rest of the series.

    Some of its weaknesses were made up for by just how easy and streamlined they made everything. Everyone hated how slow you moved in S3? Great, now you travel at light speed (with the mind-boggling exception of the world map, also the only place in the game with a high encounter rate). Everyone hated the Tinto mines? Great, the longest dungeon now takes 67 seconds to traverse (not including the last one). Even the menus; I remember S4 doing something with the menu and equipment UIs that S5 erased for some reason.

    The lackluster main cast and the relatively bland story make it the weakest in the series. The brevity and relative ease of navigating it at least make it less painful to get through.
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    Maybe they had a lot of them in the news during the development of the game, so they threw it in.
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    Yeah, this one is puzzling to me. I like it fine, but it pales in comparison to... pretty much all the other Team Silent games, imo, and to see it praised so highly when the far better conceived 4 was torn to shreds is always pretty sad to me. But still, the characters were great and the atmosphere was as good as it always was.

    Also, this game had a strange obsession with death by train.
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    BbS is definitely one of the strongest entries in the series and I agree with a lot of what you said. I really loved the command deck Iím quite happy that it got more attention both with 3D and re:coded. And I do appreciate that it is by far the bleakest entry in the series.
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    Yeah, I can agree. I remember reading her blog when all of the Episode 2 shenanigans went down and feeling really bad for her. Not helped that she kind of got out of the industry shortly after. She's only worked on a few things since Episode 2, which is a crying shame cause between her and Takahashi, she's honestly the better writer. Helped by the fact that the U.R.T.V. and Ziggy and MOMO scenarios were all her doing in Xenosaga and are honestly the best parts of the series.
  17. Fynn's Avatar
    Reading through the document about the development of Xenogears and Xenosaga, I can’t help but feel really sorry for Soraya Saga in all this. Takahashi has moved on and is doing wonderfully with his Xenoblade series, but you can tell from her blog posts how utterly devastating the way the project got mangled was for her. I know she’s moved on to other projects as well, but I don’t think she’s contributed to a game’s scenario to such an extent since. I feel like this was her magnum opus that got taken away from her.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Karifean
    Largely had to skim this cause I only just went through Xenosaga Episode I, but curious how it'll read as someone who has absolutely no history with the games at release and just comes to look in from now =P would enjoy talking about it then.
    You'll have to tell me your thoughts on the trilogy after you finish them. Honestly, I'm curious to just know how you felt about the first game.
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    Largely had to skim this cause I only just went through Xenosaga Episode I, but curious how it'll read as someone who has absolutely no history with the games at release and just comes to look in from now =P would enjoy talking about it then.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Christmas
    This series is still alive? Tot it ended in BoF 4.
    T he last game was a mobile only title in Japan. It didn't last that long. Dragon Quarter for the PS2 was the fifth installment and the last one released in the West.
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