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  1. jessibrown's Avatar
    Dragon-Quest was used to be one of my favorite game in early 2000. I still remember those days with my schooling with no responsibilities and worries. As [URL=""]Professional Nursing Writing Assistance[/URL], tough working environment some times really takes me in stress and whenever I want to shake that stress off, I get refreshed with playing this game.
  2. Fynn's Avatar
    I loved DQVII (3DS) but yes, exhausting is definitely a good word to describe it. But itís also not like itís the longest game I ever played - Iíve played open world JRPGs and stuff like Persona that took me longer but felt like less. I think that may be because thereís pnly so much you can do with this particular format to extend gameplay in a meaningful fashion
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    Well thank you, I wasn't really sure what to say about this game outside of the article I wrote a few years back, so I figured I would simply lay down my issues with the remake and why the original version made me fall in love with the entry. It's easily my favoirte of the NES/Famicom entries.
  4. Rez09's Avatar
    In a way, Wolf, I secretly hate you, because you somehow managed to say just about everything I have to say about this title, so all I have left is . . .

    I absolutely adore this game. Perhaps as much as the original actually, which is fairly impressive considering FF1 was my first RPG and basically defined the genre for me. There was a sense of awe FF3 instilled in me that no title I've played in the decade plus since has managed to match; the sheer amount of content the developers managed to include in this title, on the Famicom, is staggering -- hidden bosses and classes, three(ish) world maps, unique airships, bosses with unique strategies. Simply finding new things provided an unparalleled drive for me to complete the game.

    It was also one of the two entries in the series that effectively solidified my tastes in the genre, standing opposite FFX and changing my opinion that story and characters are the most important elements -- the true gold standards -- of every RPG. Instead, the enjoyment I got from exploring FF3's world and discovering things for myself made me realize my tastes in the genre stand fairly opposite most other people and my favorite RPGs aren't the ones with the best stories or characters, but rather the ones where interesting customization options and my own personal curiosity are my primary driving factors.

  5. Fynn's Avatar
    Yeah, I have a weird relationship with III
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    Princess Mononoke is definitely one of the finest films I've seen. It's pretty much a Pocahontas-like narrative done right, with all sides of the conflict presented in a comprehensive, complete manner. No sugar-coating and no demonizing - everyone is complex and has their own valid reasons for doing what they do.

    And I'd be lying if I said this movie didn't creatively influence me too, though probably not to such a personal extent as you. But I definitely relate to your desire to create and inspire. Here's hoping that we both get there one day.
  7. Ayen's Avatar
    That's a shame, though I can't really fault anyone for being turned off by the crust, if you would.

    Yes, I just compared Sailor Moon to a sandwich.
  8. Wolf Kanno's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Fynn
    Idk about PGSM. To be honest, I don't think I can get over the cringe of these Japanese live action dramas. Heck, even Devil Summoner had one and it looked pretty down to earth, and STILL way too cringey for me.
    Greenwood wasn't so bad...
  9. Fynn's Avatar
    Idk about PGSM. To be honest, I don't think I can get over the cringe of these Japanese live action dramas. Heck, even Devil Summoner had one and it looked pretty down to earth, and STILL way too cringey for me.
  10. Ayen's Avatar
    Oh Japan. I think the monsters were also designed by the same people who worked on Super Sentai. Though I don't remember as much tentacles on those shows.

    Dear god, that video. I only ever saw that once and once was enough.

    Then there's the Sailor Moon musicals, which is another aspect of the fandom I didn't think I'd enjoy, and yet, I enjoyed quite a few of them. It's somewhat spoiling being a Moonie because you have four (now five, though still technically four since SMC stays close to the manga storyline despite some minor differences) different retellings of the same overall story.

    I'm still holding out for a Sailor V OVA.
  11. Wolf Kanno's Avatar
    PGSM was trippy. Also was it me, or did it seem like many of the monster-of-the-week design featured more tentacles than usual...

    Course nothing is trippier than the Toon Maker Sailor Moon show, which thankfully was cancelled when someone came to their damn senses.

  12. Ayen's Avatar
    Eh, PGSM is the better version, anyway. In no small part due to Naoko Takeuchi's being more involved than she ever was with the anime. Usagi and Mamoru's relationship in that is actually on par with Haruka and Michiru, and everyone is awesome if you can get past the Power Rangers like effects and puppet cats. They follow the manga characterizations more closely too and deconstruct a lot of the Magical Girl tropes. It's worth checking out for any SM fan who hasn't already.

    Sailor Luna is weird, though.
  13. Pumpkin's Avatar
    I love the DiC dub too because like you I watched that first. Back before I knew about translations and localization and whatever. Some of it was around the time I was learning English too!
  14. Midgar Mist's Avatar
    It was the same for me and The Simpsons when little fourteen year old Midgar Mist and all....., when I was 16, i started recording episodes on my own VCR. Some are broken now but in all, I recorded 9 full tapes of Simpsons episodes. The amount of lines I can quote at random :-)

    Sailor Moon is new to me, I'm interested will never be a romantic teen thing for me, that horse has bolted.

    And Kanno, you're such an old romantic at heart. Its nice to have a true love, in fact my own true love was the first to comment on your blog :-)
  15. Fynn's Avatar
    Looking at your profile pic, I alos vastly prefer the art style of the manga to the anime. I used to have this big calendar with all the artwork from it and it was gorgeous
  16. Wolf Kanno's Avatar
    Yeah, I like him, so watching him reduced to "token arm candy" by S was a bit annoying (not that he did much in the manga adaption of S anyway) but I definitely missed the fact that his four bodyguards still make cameos in the manga, whereas this whole angle is gone in the anime.
  17. Fynn's Avatar
    Oh yeah, Mamoru is just so much more of a character in the manga
  18. Wolf Kanno's Avatar
    Both versions have their issues. The anime drags things out too long with filler and tended to make the villains goofier as the series went on, with Sailor Moon S being the first victim of this phenomena, Mamoru loses most of his character development and importance in the anime due to the director allegedly hating him and purposely sidelining him more and more with each season, and SuperS and Stars are barely recognizable to the darker and better written manga chapters of the same arcs.

    The manga does have a breakneck pace at times, and largely focuses on Usagi, Mamoru, and Chibi-Usa to the detriment of the rest of the cast. While the main villains get better character sometimes (it largely depends on which arc) the subordinate characters are reduced to monster-of-the-week status and become flat and generically evil.

    I love both versions for different reasons, and I think I like the anime adaption of the first two seasons the best because it strikes a nice chord between what makes both versions great.
  19. Fynn's Avatar
    I disagree. I think the manga is much better because of the fact that it's paced in a more original fashion. It disregards traditional chapters for a more flowing narrative, which I think worked great and added a lot of magic to the atmosphere of the whole. Plus, where the manga played up the deconstructive (or rather unbuilt? it is one of the first examples, after all) elements of the story, the show had more focus on the action with tons of filler that was just there for it to be more marketable.

    Plus, what the anime adaptation did to Venus was downright criminal.
  20. Ayen's Avatar
    I'd argue with anyone who tried to say the manga is objectively better because the pacing is horrible and a lot of characters don't get fleshed out because of it. A serious flaw that shows in the anime adaptation of Sailor Moon Crystal. Maybe the overall arcs and everything are better, but I thought the anime did a better job of fleshing out the other Senshi and a lot of the villains.
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