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  1. Query.

    I wonder if I gave everyone the wrong address, because I haven't received any Christmas cards yet

    I got Rantz's (Rantz'?) though. Thanks Rantz!
  2. The Sads.

    I'm a little melancholy because in the last fortnight, Del Murder, Miriel and Mikztsu have all been in Auckland and I have been unable to show them around
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  3. Crazy/In Love

    Ten years ago today, I was a teenager catching a bus at 5am to go meet some American hooligan at the airport. And look at us now! Who knew I would accidentally find a dashing, stubborn, and intelligent fellow who would check all the zoo/museum enclosures so I don't have to see any _________, make singing along to the radio the funniest thing ever, be able to find, identify and point out birds before I've even noticed them, and knock out a Dostoevsky like it ain't no thang? Certainly not me. ...
  4. Everything

    in my life right now is an obstacle designed to prevent me from starting to watch the final season of Breaking Bad
  5. Dreaming (copy pasted from dream thread)

    I dreamt that Del and I were sitting at a bench eating lunch, and strangers kept coming up to us and asking for him to sign their copies of his bestselling memoir, and asking where his wife was. Then they would turn to me and ask me why I didn't have a real job or an education, and then Del kept telling them that it was because I kept asking people for handouts.

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  6. AndreBreton3000

  7. Limit Break

    Getting cocky now, kiddo; this is how you drum up the will. Clear your throat, you have got to be the last one standing.
  8. Saturate/Paper Planes

    i) It is so strange to witness, and be part of, this rushing in of the old guard, say hello to the old boys club, fiddleedeedee; all these things that have changed, those who post and those who lurk; those whose names I can still conjure out of thin air (from there, LinkedIn is but a click away, congratulations on your involvement with the food service industry).

    i) I often wonder if the staff of eoff put such moderation and conflict resolution positions on their resumes. Eest ...
  9. Here we go again

  10. This is not The Daily Grind.

    Hello Internet,

    I am in a very big house in the country, hiding out before going to Spuuky & Giggles' youngest sister's wedding.

    In an unrelated matter, I am considering my first public musical performance, and chickens are great.

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