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Black Magic Shopkeeper

  1. Staying active

    I'm just gonna leave a casual notification that Zero Effort updated like this:
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Link to the website here

    In other news, I got my hands on something really really really fun. If you haven't heard of byte corruption, it's basically just going into the guts of a game (preferrably a rom copy since this IS DESTRUCTIVE) and offsetting bytes.
    Now I'm no computer whiz, and I have little to no skills in scripting, but I managed to stumble across ...

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  2. LIVE.

    Quote Originally Posted by Black Magic Shopkeeper View Post
    Well I guess after being gone for YEARS now... How many years has it been now??? 8?
    I'm back
    I wonder if anyone even remembers me.
    But I managed to retrieve my password with the help of my sister to get access to my ancient, aaaancient e-mail address that I don't even use anymore. Oh my god is my art still on here? Are my black magic shopkeeper pictures still alive? What about my crazy little noseless moogle? Oh man... oh man!!!
    Oh hey, a blog thing.
    I'm gonna ...