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Black Magic Shopkeeper

  1. So I'm writing a Final Fantasy IX fancomic...

    Ok, I'm really anxious about announcing/plugging this here, but here goes... I'm currently writing a webcomic set in the world of FFIX. It's not a sequel and not (quite) a prequel, but rather a side story (hence the 'Gaiden' in the title) that doesn't even follow any of the protagonists or antagonists. This is about a barely consequential NPC known as Alleyway Jack/Four-Armed Man/"Gilgamesh" and his little brother, Enkido.
    I've been updating every Monday since I started, and I'm ...

    I killed it. I have no use for old unimportant blog posts. :I

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    Personal Life
  3. LIVE.

    Quote Originally Posted by Black Magic Shopkeeper View Post
    Well I guess after being gone for YEARS now... How many years has it been now??? 8?
    I'm back
    I wonder if anyone even remembers me.
    But I managed to retrieve my password with the help of my sister to get access to my ancient, aaaancient e-mail address that I don't even use anymore. Oh my god is my art still on here? Are my black magic shopkeeper pictures still alive? What about my crazy little noseless moogle? Oh man... oh man!!!
    Oh hey, a blog thing.
    I'm gonna ...