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Shattered Dreamer

  1. Happy Birthday EoFF!

    I haven't really been around the EoFF forums a lot these days but I would just love to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

    I hope to have a little more time for EoFF in 2013
  2. I really just need to vent.....

    Well it's nearly a year since my last blog entry because, well, I'm lazy when it comes to this sort of thing. Why have I decided to post a blog today? Well? I really need to vent all the bull$h*t floating around in my head that's why!

    For the most part the past 8 months of my life, while not fantastic have been a lot better than the 12 months before them. I moved to a small 2 bedroom apartment in Sligo sharing with an old friend from school in late August 2011, a big town (they call ...
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  3. The first slap round the face of 2011

    Blog number 2 and I have some bad news!

    My new band, the one I started with 2 professional session musicians I met back in October, the drummer lost his job and has decided to leave Dublin and move to London to find work

    So it's beginning to look increasingly more likely that band number 8 is just about dead! I'm seriously getting sick of this sh*t! Last year I put 6 months of work into getting band 7 off the ground and thanks to the attitude of an ultimately flakey ...
  4. Who's ever heard of a dreamer that can't sleep?

    I've never blogged before, ever! So I suppose if I am to start might as well start with something that is really bothering me lately!

    I don't remember the last time I got a goodnight's sleep! I would say it has been years! The kind of restful sleep were when you wake up the next day you feel rested, fully recharged and ready to grab life by the scruff of the neck.

    The problem seems to stem from this weird burst of energy I seem to get around about midnight every night ...
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