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    Hey I finally got my poster!
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    Don't be sorry.
    Updated 12-21-2012 at 02:57 AM by Futan
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    I meant easily fixable. Sorry.
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    Not with pessimism like that.
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    I now know this isn't fixable.
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    I think you have to define psychology in a more useful way. Psychological Science, is a science. The degree of "Psychology" in its traditional sense is a science. The study of behavior could be taken as either a science or humanity (such as literature, which is an alternative method of looking at human behavior).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sephiroth
    Just because something is about probabilities and most of the time about generalized statements it is not not a sciene.
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    You need a better self concept and then you will feel better. That normally needs much time, insight and meditation. If you have problems finding the "good things in life" alone then look for someone who you can really trust so he/she can help you finding "your light again".
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    Just because something is about probabilities and most of the time about generalized statements it is not not a sciene.
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    But thats the mistake, it's not about the girl. Well not only, it just awakened my senses to how sad I really am. Like I've been living a lie to myself from the start.
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    We ain't got no choice but to roll on. Tomorrow is a new day to start over, to make new friends and to find new girls.
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    I think we have similar mindsets. I know it feels like empty words but, keep your chin up. We sometimes miss the good we've done.
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    good luck
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    I read this blog title and my first thought was "nik is going to get a kick out of this."
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    Wait a minute...I just realized. You're posting in Comic Sans and you're apologizing because you were once wrong about something? Your priorities are screwed up.
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    I'd also like a link because I vaguely remember the thread I think, but I'm not sure and I'm too lazy to search.

    Still, it takes some balls to admit to being mistaken.

    As to Quin's comment, I could probably think of some bigger ones (or at least ones of equal magnitude), but it's still pretty bad.
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    [QUOTE=Harle-y Davidson;bt4811]It really is the biggest scam of the past century.[/QUOTE]
    That's a good way of putting it.

    Also, do you have a link to this thread? Now I want to read it again.
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    I commend your passion in the initial argument and your courage to admit the truth. It takes a really top kind of guy to admit he was wrong, good work.
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    Lol pseudo-science. I would forgive you if you hadn't used that awful-looking font.
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    It really is the biggest scam of the past century.
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