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  1. How is President Trump not some Americans' President?

    I don't want to sound like "captain obvious", but America voted this guy in. In my opinion the only person that had a greater chance to beat him, was Sanders and you voted him out. Now lets not get into a debate, although that's only because I'm not here for that.

    But you know I love debates.

    So I am going to debate these protests that are happening all over America, you can follow it on Twitter #NotMyPresident.

    To me it just seems like whenever ...
  2. The Election!

    This actually has not much to do with us Canadians per se. I mean after all, this is an election for the next American president!

    But this happens to be the first actual American election that I have actually followed a bit. So it is really exciting to me!

    I just really want to see how things end up, and honestly I want to see peoples reactions, does the outcome severely affect anyone in some way?