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Personal Life

Gamers have lives! And if they run out of them, they best hope they'll have a continue left.

  1. Hey, I have returned.


    So I am back, to wreak havoc on these forums again. So that's good news, also... we're going to have so much fun!

    Well at least I am, I really enjoyed a lot of my time on the forum. As I slowly started talking to others (I won't lie and say that I am now fully comfortable doing it) in public I started to realize the people that were the problem.

    Anyways, here I am.
  2. I've failed yet again.

    Okay I'll give you the quick story.

    1] i liked a girl
    2] I thought she liked me back
    3] However I let time pass
    4] Then stuff got busy, and a panic attack hit me
    4] I was in the middle of asking her out.....
    And then realized she was never in to me
    and felt worthless and stupid!
    (She's a friend too, now I fear interacting ever with her)

    This triggered an all time low in the depression scale for me. Although I could be relying on recent
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