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    Updated the list with some new entries I forgot to add at some point.
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    Aaaand it's Greenlit, yay!
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    I see.
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    I really wonder how you'll take it =P
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    I have the first chapter but I haven't read it yet
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    Then you'd have no problem whatsoever!
    2020? I think you're being too optimistic. Maybe 2025 if we're lucky
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    I'm the kind of guy who prefers the original Ryukishi sprites in Umineko over the alternatives so I think I'll be fine on that front =P

    I did plan on waiting for the remake, but it might as well be coming out in 2020 at this rate...
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    I think the most glaring aspect of Tsukihime in regard to what you said is the graphic, which is a bit outdated and could be a problem (for example FSN is a lot better in this regard). Once you get used to it though, the story and characters really shine.
    Or you could just wait for the remake (assuming well'have to wait for another 10 years lol)!
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    I haven't actually read Tsukihime yet~ I have the feeling that going back to it now I wouldn't really enjoy it. That's how I usually feel about the "great classics of old times" at least.

    @Fynn Sorry for enjoying Ace Attorney as much as I do xD
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    No Tsukihime? It was a pretty good read imo
    Some of the routes are very disturbing and creepy, same with the characters. Bonus point: Arcueid
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    I'm a bit miffed Danganronpa and Zero Escape aren't higher than Ace Attorney, but at least they're both pretty damn high so that's good at least
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    Thank you, I've found some pretty good VNs since my last top games list
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    Thanks. There's a good reason I'm still so into them even now. Hope you have / continue to find more VNs - or games in general - like that yourself =)
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    No I mean he thinks 5 is average because it's in the middle. Middle of the road. Just different systems

    Anyways yeah I'm glad you have some VN's that you enjoy so much you can rate them highly :3
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    I did not say 5 is average, 5 is literally not a positive experience (although not a negative one either) which is seriously terrible and far below what I expect from anything I read.

    And yeah, I know we have disagreements =P I'm a big fan of really ambitious projects I can keep on thinking about for foreeever. I'm gonna read If my Heart had Wings after I finish Hoshizora no Memoria =)
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    We have disagreements

    Sharky is fussing because you said 6.5 is below average when 5 is average

    ALSO read If My Heart Had Wings! Judging by our differing opinions, you won't like it as much as me but oh well
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    This might actually be worth it. Because the original 999 took so smurfing long (no flowchart) I never actually finished it.
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