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  1. to be a hero

    Comming from a small town, Gongaga, i traveled a long way to Midgar in hope to become a hero.
    im trying my best to do as my mentor Angeal Hewley says, but he doesnt think im yet fit enough to take the spotlight on the missions..

    everyday i help the people of realm to defeat the demons that terrorise theire towns and make sure they dont come back.
    soon ill be a 1st class soldier so that already makes me a bit of a hero!

    dont worry, guys, ill get there
  2. free Halo 5 code

    i know its not really the right place,
    but with a lootcrate came a code for a 'Supply REQ pack' for Halo 5 and i dont play that game.

    so is there anyone here that can use this code?
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  3. Yoshi´s adventures #3

    Yoshi stares out the window, still feeling misserable after he lost the dog.
    ''what the hell was i thinking'' he says to himself '' what am i going to do now?''
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    he consults his good old friend Cornelius who lives with Parker.
    he is sure that he will know what to do!

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    he chats with CorneliusClick image for larger version. 

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    Yoshi is not sure of this, but he will give it a try anyway!!
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  4. Yoshi´s adventures #2

    once again its a warm day and Yoshi is looking for some adventure.
    he takes a peek under the gate to see what interests the dog but he gets bored of that very quickly, becaus there is nothing interesting to see
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    but then he came with a good idea! lets take the dog for a walk!
    he goes back inside to get the leash.
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    but its so warm outside that even the dog wont walk...
    But yoshi is determent ...
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  5. pretty walls

  6. Yoshi´s adventures #1

    its a lovely warm day and Yoshi feels like going on an adventure.
    he is very curious! and soon he sees a wall covered in Ivy. what will there be on the other side?
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    he is having some trouble becaus his arms are too short and his head too big. but he is determined to get to the other side!
    he dares not to look down!

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    jaaj! he made it!
    as he looks over the fence he notices a nice scooter. ...
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  7. finaly, the dog!

    here she is!!

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    my new dog, Sonya (we keep her name)
    she is rescued from the roemanian streets, and she came to holland 1 month ago.
    she is about 10 months and she likes to watch before she aproaches anything. at the moment everything is scary, but were sure she will grow out of that.
    ive already bought her heart with cheese. and so far my dad is scary.
    her small ...
  8. worried

    i am very worried about my dog.
    his whole life he never had to go to the vet for something serious.
    only for is yearly check and he chipped a tooth once.

    but now it is serious. at first the vet said he had an enlarged prostat. he would pee a little bit of blood and he clearly didnt feel good.
    a vieuw pills and it should be over.

    but he is getting worse. he doesnt eat at all, not even the 'special delicious' food we made for him.

    now my dad ...
  9. skates!

    so after 10 years i bought myself some inline skates..

    skating is fun.. it would be even more fun if i knew how to break :l

    pizza point doesnt work for me on 'fast' speed, and breaking with 1 foot will end up in catastrophy
  10. Another funny vid id like to share

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