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    Quote Originally Posted by Calliope
    Not gonna lie, I kinda want to see Yoshi crash.
    Some people just want to watch the world burn.
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    LOL this is pretty good.

    Yoshi is going to send a flying blue shell Calliope's way next time she's on the road.
  3. Calliope's Avatar
    so far your dad is scary?
  4. Calliope's Avatar
    Not gonna lie, I kinda want to see Yoshi crash.
  5. Scotty_ffgamer's Avatar
    I like his glasses.
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  7. Pumpkin's Avatar
    Beautiful dog
  8. Shorty's Avatar
    awwww oh my gosh! She's adorable!
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    unfortunatly my gut feeling was true.
    as they were operating him for kidney stones they discovered he has liver cancer.
    my dad called at work, ive been crying my way home and im still crying.

    im going to lose my dog
  10. noxious.sunshine's Avatar
    Awww honey <333

    I know you're very worried.. I know people typically hate hearing "I know how you feel", but I really do understand. Entirely.

    You're doing what you can to take care of him and make him as comfortable as possible. Those are tThings I wish I could've done for my Bozo before I lost him (I hadn't seen him in over 6 months when he died & I still get very upset over it all at times).

    Your dog knows he's loved and being taken care of. It's better to get things figured out quickly and the smartest plan of action put into place so that he isn't suffering.
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    Ah, skating.

    Yeah, I intend to avoid that like the plague.
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    This is actually catchy!
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  14. Psychotic's Avatar
    no this right here is pretty much pure Japan

    metal is too much for some of them to handle, so let's stick three dancing girls in skirts to sing in a poppy way using engrish, that'll make the transition easier
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    *dumps a big bucket of jelly on you instead*
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    start throwing already :3
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    If you get to see Within Temptation live I am going to throw all my jellies at you.
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    he is 20 ... and yes.. school uniforms :l
  19. kotora's Avatar
    School uniforms? Aren't you like in your 20s? What school is this?
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    they took the 3rd anniversary door
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