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  1. mistery poke-man

    if you are not familiar with the 2DS:
    in pokemon you can battle with ppl. there will be a list with ppl passing by, if you are online that list wil exist of ppl being online and playing at that place at the same time.

    But when i was in the train on my way home i didnt bother to get online when suddenly there was a bypasser :O.. since there was no internet connection it ment that there was someone in the area around me and our DS's connected.

    ofcourse i was curious ...
  2. assassins creed Black flag

    i found a secret hiden cave while i was sailing toward the next part of the story line.

    as i passed Annotto Bay (its a shipwrek, coordinates: 621.271) i saw something shining, as i sailed a little closer i noticed it was an cave enterence in a clif.
    i tried getting on there by placing the ship's nose on the entrance but i cant reach it becaus the nose is always to far away.

    what i also noticed is that in the time i tried reaching the cave there were 3-4 enemy marks ...
  3. getting real tired of this, dad

    i am always having it so cold in the living room.
    ive put on my warmest sweater and even thermo-underwear and thick socks under some comfy 'training pants'

    even though the thermostat says its a good 19 degrees, im still cold..

    But i have a theory why..

    maybe it is becaus..

    i am seriously getting tired of closing every damn door behind him.

    he goes to the shed to get something.. ...
  4. weird dream

    i am going to tell you about this weird dream i had last night, becaus i can stil remember a big part of it!

    it was very late, pitch black and i saw some fire/smoke in the far distance so i got in my car and drove there. on my way i saw some silhouetes of bears crossing the street and cars and more when i realised that i did not had any lights on.
    so i put them on.

    when i got on my destination it turned out that it were Oil 'platforms' (wich is a reference to the ...
  5. are you kidding me?

    me and my boyfriend were walking through the fair when we suddenly saw a kid, 12 maybe 13 smoking a e-sigarette .. ..

    seriously, where did those parents go wrong??
  6. hmmm yeah

    a new car smells nice..
    its not just-rolled-out-of-the-fabrik-new.. but i just bought it ^^
    so they clean it completely and now it smell all new and nice

    i loven the 'new' smell everytime i step in my new car :3
  7. signature

    i would like this to be my signature

    can anyone help me? :$
  8. Money

    since i am at the moment the person with the most money and best paycheck, they come to me for money..
    i dont mind it, becaus i know im going to get it back.. but now i am pretty much being robbed of all of my money becaus of some sudden payments

    last days we have been very unfortunat since my sister need a new car... and now so do i! (and its not becaus another door was taken).

    i am lending her the money for a car, but if i have to pay 2 cars the money will be pretty ...
  9. that mini heart attack

    as i was getting up in the morning, i walked downstairs and had some lunch..
    then i emptied out my bowl in the sink and all the the sudden.. a heart attack!!... that giant spider that i lost a view days ago was staring at me in the freaking sink.

    i think he is playing a game with me, showing up once in a while to scare me..

    there have no doors been missing so far
  10. ooh god!

    there was a big spider on the wall in the hallway a hour ago...
    now its gone!
    ooh god!i left my room door open D:

    ... ill just burn the house...
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