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  1. Character Appreciation: Hotaru Futaba

    So I will try to start a weekly, maybe bi-weekly character appreciation blog. If you saw my character tournament, you know that characters are super important to my enjoyment of a game, and so I will dedicate a few minutes to a character every week/2 weeks. Might line up with new games I'm playing, might reflect on old games I've played. We'll see what the future brings~

    For the first week, I will be appreciating Hotaru Futaba from the SNK games. I will eventually change my set to her, ...
  2. Updated To Play List

    So thanks to a lot of awesome suggestions from peoples on this site, I have updated my "to play" list. It is quite extensive and includes games that are not yet released. I have it divided in to different genres and marked with "to buy", "to start", or "to finish". As expected, To buy means I do not have the game, to start means I have it but have not played it a lot or recently and need to start over, and to finish means I need to finish it up. This is going to take a while, but it's a fun project. ...

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  3. Fun Friday Fighting Games (and maybe Saturday)

    So in a few Friday's and probably the following Saturday as well, sharky and I will be playing almost all of our fighting games. A few will be excluded for a few reasons yada yada, but most of them will be played, me vs him. No matter how bad the game is, it shall be played. There is no one game per series rule. I am prepared to lose hard, but I will put up a fight! Or at least try to!

    Here is what's on the menu:

    Mortal Kombat 2 (SNES)

    [IMG] ...
  4. Video Game Fashions: Omega Quintet

    SO I have been super busy playing Omega Quintet on my new PS4 and I love it! I will post a general review of it in my video game journal when I finish it, but it's not for everyone. It is, however, for outfit lovers. YOU CAN CHANGE OUTFITS


    Anyways, it's an awesome game for girlying it out, as I enjoy doing from time to time, and I am going to share some of my favourite outfits from this game

    Well first, I'm not a huge fan of the default outfits. Kind ...
  5. Video Game Fashions: Conception II

    So I have been playing a game called Conception II, and it's overall enjoyable although some aspects are about as creepy as it sounds. But basically you make "Star Children" by err.. "holding hands" and some of the children are absolutely adorable. It's kind of like job classes. So here are some cute outfits from the Star Children and some of the heroine's in general.

    The archer has some pretty adorable clothes, although I might ...
  6. To Play Games List

    I had a lot of fun when I made my top games list, but going back over it since I've played new games, I saw how much it has changed. So I would like to do another one eventually. Don't worry, it won't be anytime soon, probably over a year at least. Because first, I want to play and complete all of these games:

    To Finish: (Started playing)
    Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars
    Dragonball Xenoverse
    Eternal Sonata (PS3 version)
    Fantasy Life
    Hyperdimension ...

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  7. I hope

    That when I take my English class, I get a teacher with a good sense of humour. Because I want to give them a card at the end of the semester that says

    "Thx you for the teaching me english. I lerned a lot and i liked you're class a lot. U R cool.."

    And then I would draw two happy little stick figures
  8. Video Game Fashions: Tales Series

    I am back! Sorry I have been super busy, but since I've played new games, I decided to go by series this time! So you may see outfits I have already shown, but I will try to talk more about outfits as a whole, rather than just specific elements.

    This time we will be talking about the Tales series! Which is not only one of my favourites, but also has a lot of great looks.

    Tales of Symphonia - Sheena

    I like ...
  9. Video Game Fashions: Hair Styles and Hair Do's!

    Pretty straightforward. Some hairstyles I enjoy and think look nice in video games. Key words: in video games, because some video game style, I'm not even sure how they would be pulled off in real life . More power to you if you can though! Most of these are on the simpler side, however!

    Iku from Suikoden III. That's got to be a lot of hair in there!

    [IMG] ...
  10. Video Game Fashions: Long Dresses/Skirts

    And I felt like doing my part 2 dress fashions already and I have time now, so why not! I'm having a lot of fun with these updates So here are some long dresses and skirts in video games that I enjoy.

    also, here is a list of future fashion blogs:
    Hair dos
    Socks, leggings, tights
    Odd but cute haircolours
    Capri pants
    Job class outfits
    Leotards, full-body suits
    Men fashions

    Okay so on to the long dresses!

    Harvest Moon ...

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