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  1. Video Game Fashions: Long Dresses/Skirts

    And I felt like doing my part 2 dress fashions already and I have time now, so why not! I'm having a lot of fun with these updates So here are some long dresses and skirts in video games that I enjoy.

    also, here is a list of future fashion blogs:
    Hair dos
    Socks, leggings, tights
    Odd but cute haircolours
    Capri pants
    Job class outfits
    Leotards, full-body suits
    Men fashions

    Okay so on to the long dresses!

    Harvest Moon ...

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  2. Video Game Fashions: Short Dresses/Skirts

    There are too many dresses and skirts I like, so I have separated it in to two. Short and long. I guess mid length ones will go on a case by case basis. So here are some of my favourite short dresses and skirts in video games! There will be a lot of them this time!

    I find Alice's dress absolutely adorbale. If you need a bigger image, just click here. ...
  3. Video Game Fashions: Hats!

    You know what I don't like on myself? Hats. I'm not a hat person. Maybe I should try again. I dunno. Anyways, some video game characters pull off hats much better than I can, so here are some of my favourites!

    Millie from Suikoden II, of course.


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  4. Video Game Fashions: Poofy Pants!

    So I have really liked the poofy pants look ever since Monica and her Pumpkin Shorts in Dark Cloud 2/Dark Chronicle

    So these aren't all the exact same style, but here are some of my favourite poofy pants:

    Final Fantasy IX's Vivi has himself some adorable striped poofy pants:

    [IMG] ...
  5. Video Game Fashions: BOWS!

    So I decided I will do these regularly! It's fun One thing I like is bows! I didn't think I cared until I started thinking about it a while ago and I realized that a very much like bows. Not always, but I think they can be a cute touch. Luckily for me, it seems to be a rather common fashion element in video games!

    So here are some of my favourite examples:

    [IMG] ...
  6. Video Game Asymmetrical Fashions

    I'm a huge fan of this style, don't know why. But I figured this didn't warrant it's own topic, so I'll just share some of my favourites here! Feel free to share any if you'd like, or say if you like the fashions or not

    So from Ys: Memories of Celceta that I am currently playing, we have Karna:

    With the different legs. It actually ...

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  7. Pumpkin's Mega-Cleaning Week!

    I am posting this up, partly to help keep myself accountable and partly so I can look back and see progress!

    So with the house stuff going on, cleaning got pushed to the side. Plus I haven't done a big annual clean since we moved in, and with school starting soon, my time will be less free. So I have put together a mega-cleaning week. Today is day one. I will update with progress as I go along. I'll also cross off what I have completed.

    Froday has nothing scheduled so it ...

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  8. Personal Therapy

    Posting this to make myself cheery!

    Join in the fun

  9. Hit Reset

    So I took some time off of my exercise program because I was dreading it, I had a hurt knee, and I broke down crying. So I focused on weights and jogging for a little bit. Going to start the program back up again tonight and hopefully it will be more successful.

    Also going to start volunteering at the sexual abuse trauma center again as an on call person. My car is broken so I can't intern there now, but sharky is home in the evenings for crisis calls.

    I'm not feeling too ...
  10. Sad ramblings

    I did some jogging today and I didn't run out of energy as quickly as usual, so that's a positive! And I've been working hard on my workouts

    But I haven't trimmed down much or lost much weight and that makes me very sad. I feel like a tub of lard. I hate going out in public because I'm worried people are looking at me and thinking "Look at that fatass!" It's getting hot here and I can't even wear my shorts because I'm so worried about going out showing my fat thighs.

    I ...
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