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  1. Pumpkin's Avatar
    Yeah Chloe is new for this game!
  2. Rez09's Avatar
    Asuka's fourth outfit kind of reminds me of Hitomi from Dead or Alive.

    I also agree about Kazumi rocking the black and red well; especially love that gold on the skirt.

    Is Chloe a new character? I haven't played the series since, 5, maybe, and she isn't familiar to me. She seems to have some . . . interesting outfit options.
  3. Fynn's Avatar
    I've seen Markiplier play Spooky's house of jumpscares, actually! Looked pretty cute. But yeah, a horror game without a story that keeps you going really feels pointless, IMO.

    Not because I get too scared, though, since I've found that over the years I've become heavily desensitized to such things. But just primal, jump-scare-y fear really feels pointless to me. I want my horrors to give me a sense of catharsis!
  4. Pumpkin's Avatar
    Makina's route was kind of forgettable save for a few moments here and there. Sakaki's route was also super forgettable. Sachi's route, the one I was most looking forward too, kind of fell flat in a lot of ways, and Amane's was just awful. Michiru's was overall good save for a few issues.
  5. Karifean's Avatar
    I don't I ever heard what you thought of the individual routes in Grisaia. As far as I'm concerned the common route was the best part anyways =P
  6. Karifean's Avatar
    Oh, haven't heard of Oblivious Garden before. Apparently the subtitle is "Carmina Burana" so that's a thing. Doesn't exactly seem to be the most popular thing though...
  7. Karifean's Avatar
    I remember someone on /r/visualnovels saying that Nekopara was an "interesting commentary on slavery". I dunno if there's anything to that, I don't have any interest in reading it anytime soon
  8. Colonel Angus's Avatar
    Secret of Evermore is underrated. If you liked the gamestyle of Secret of Mana, you might like it. What's cool is you can play as either the boy or his dog.
  9. jenovajunkie's Avatar
  10. Pumpkin's Avatar
    Thanks, I will add those to the list! I actually did add Fran Bow last night but forgot to update this list~

    I have also played OoT already so it's not mentioned here
  11. jenovajunkie's Avatar
    You know what's a great console game? The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time for the N64. My parents don't believe in video games, I used to play a lot. But now my house is a game free zone, because I don't know; my father always thought they were a waste. I don't know if you'll like this, but Metal Gear Solid 4 is a great game, it makes you think outside the box a bit.
  12. Slothy's Avatar
    Noticed right off the bat you haven't played link to the past. You should fix that soon.
  13. Fynn's Avatar
    Many awesome titles! As for my recommendations, I recently told you about Fran Bow, that point and click adventure, remember? It's pretty cool!
  14. Karifean's Avatar
    Man that is an extensive list O.o Looking forward to the countdown in 2018!

    My VN To-Read-List is quite tame compared to that.

    Higanbana no Saku Yoru ni
    Grisaia no Meikyuu
    Ef: A Fairy Tale of the Two
    Sekien no Inganock
    If My Heart Had Wings
    Kara no Shoujo 2: The Second Episode
    Hoshizora no Memoria
    Da Capo II
    World End Economica


    Little Busters! Perfect Edition - to be localized
    Grisaia no Rakuen - to be localized
    Fate/Hollow Ataraxia - to get voice patch
    Subarashiki Hibi - to be localized
    Rewrite+ - to be localized
    Kimi ga Nozomu Eien - to be translated
    Kud Wafter - to be translated
    Mahoutsukai no Yoru - to be translated
    Angel Beats! 1st Beat - to be localized
    fault milestone one - wait for fault milestone two side:below
    Sakura no Uta - gotta learn Japanese first =(

    As for recommendations to add to the list, I'll have to mention The House in Fata Morgana for VNs. It's pretty tough to stomach at times since it delves into touchy subjects and gets really emotionally heavy, but it's a beautiful story and that seems to be something everyone agrees on. I wish there were more VNs like it; it feels like a niche the original English VN market could fill.
  15. Pumpkin's Avatar
    Thank you!
  16. Pumpkin's Avatar
    They pretty much are xD
  17. Fynn's Avatar
    Those breasts look sentient
  18. jenovajunkie's Avatar
    Wow, you have fairly good taste. At least for dressing up characters.
  19. Rez09's Avatar
    I really, really love the design of this character, especially that sword. >: D
  20. Pumpkin's Avatar
    Her voice was very excellent, I really enjoyed hers. I generally skip dialogue once I've read the text but with her I generally let her speak the whole thing out.

    I also liked the message that you are who you are. That people are multifaceted and it's all apart of you. Many people struggle with their identities and I think it's a relatable message
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