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  1. Haven't made the cut pt. 4

    Inevitably when playing a bazillion games, some of them are just not going to make in on to a top list, even if they were good games. So here are three more games that didn't make the cut but that you might still want to check out!

    Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion (Formerly Spooky's House of Jump Scares)

    Spooky's whatever you want to call it is a mixture of horror and comedy. You explore 1000 rooms in a haunted mansion with ...
  2. Haven't made the cut pt. 3

    Adventure Time - Hey Ice King! Why'd you steal our garbage?!!

    The title is self-explanatory. The Ice King stole Fynn and Jake's garbage to make a... garbage princess. The game is a 2D platformer with an overworld map and some questing to do (get item A, bring to person X, etc). It of course takes place in the Land of Ooo and you will control Fynn while using Jake for certain skills.

    Why it didn't make the cut:
    To me ...
  3. Haven't made the cut pt. 2

    Here are three more games that didn't make the cut that you might maybe want to check out.

    Oblivious Garden

    This Chinese visual novel has you play as a famed hero stripped of his title and sent to a figurative bird cage where he must teach the Princesses how to fence. As expected, there is more to these ladies than meets the eye, and the game has four romantic routes for you to pursue.

    Why it didn't make
  4. Games that haven't made the cut that you should maybe check out

    Hey there! How are you? Good, good, I am well too.

    It's been a while since I made a blog post. I'm making my way through my to play list... slowly. Unfortunately, some games will not be making it on my top lists. I know, it's sad, but not every game can make the cut.

    So this is a list of games that didn't make the cut (so far) that aren't actually BAD games, just not my flavour for whatever reason. I'll add more updates as I go along.

    XCOM: Enemy Within
  5. Games to play

    Let's lighten the mood from the election extravaganza

    So I'm going to be making top games lists by genre. It'll take a long while (how long depends on each genre), but I'm going to list out the ones I still have to play in each genre.

    If so inclined, feel free to suggest games you think I should check-out or that I would, especially in the genres where I have less games. Or just discuss any thoughts or opinions you have on these games, or even share your own backlog if ...

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  6. Video Game Fashions: Pigtails!

    So for some reason, anime video game ladies like to wear pigtails, even when they're thirty. Haha, who am I kidding, like video game women are allowed to be 30 lol.

    But seriously, pigtails can look really good or really bad. I get very easily irritated at certain pigtail style. But there are some good ones too, regardless of age! I'm also including braided pigtails.

    Should we start with a video game I haven't even played yet? Why yes, yes we should! It is sitting on my ...
  7. Goal check in and new goals!

    Something I was doing on another site, I'll share it here as well!

    July goals:
    -Get most of the bills paid off Yup!
    -Finish Undertale. I keep dragging it out Did this one too!
    -Finish FE: Birthright Also done!
    -Go to the gym 4x a week Staying firm at 5x a week, minus one day when I injured my back.
    -Cut down on snacking Ehhhh mostly.
    -Try some origami I did, but I only did one thing. I should try more.
    -Go to the Saturday market Just did this ...

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  8. Character Appreciation: Lailah

    Today we will be taking time to appreciate Lailah, from Tales of Zestiria! Lailah is a Seraph, a spiritish being who cannot be seen by most humans. She's also the main character's Prime Lord, meaning she can make a pact with him which allows for special powers and the like. Her true name is Fethmus Mioma, which means Lailah the Pure.

    Lailah is very wise and intelligent, but she likes to act goofy and playful. She "reads fortunes" ...
  9. FE: Birthright Couples and Ratings

    So I have completed my matchmaking in Fire Emblem Birthrights and I will share my thoughts and observations. Character spoilers possible, and I'm not the min/maxing sort of person so I won't be going in to detail about how effective the child units are.

    Female Avatar + Izana

    Okay so, I picked this couple more because he's who was left to be a father to my character's child and I didn't ...
  10. Video Game Fashions: Senran Kagura

    For all of the games faults, it sure does have some cute outfits. Here are some of my favourites! Some are unlocked, some are DLC, and others you start with. I only have 2 DLC though because cost, so in the future I am sure I will have more cute outfits.

    I like the contrast of this one. It covers a lot up top and is very complex and fancy, but then it cuts short and you get the socks and the bandage and everything. It works well together, ...
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