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  1. Weekend blues

    So, this weekend was rather rubbish and filled with crappiness.

    My cats were miserable, living in a small flat. My rabbit it also bored out of her little mind and they all aren't getting the quality of life they deserve.

    Right now, I can't even guarantee my own residence, let alone make sure they're cared for properly. My partner and I decided that it was for the best for them to go to new homes.

    It's been a traumatic experience for me, and a hard decision ...
  2. Well, doesn't life throw some unexpected things at you.

    First, I must apologise for my lack of activity and then my absence as of late.

    Situation 1.

    My mother, whom I was taking care of due to her illness, decided to move in with her new fella and subsequently asked me to transfer universities if I wished to join her. I was initially to do so, but I had no reply from the university I was to transfer to.

    Situation 2.

    After this move had blown up to my mother as a "soon as the end of the month" ...
  3. Busy, busy, busy.

    Argh. I have been majorly frustrated these past couple of weeks. I actually wanted to apologise to the staff for being so absent. I really am sorry!

    The reason why I've not cropped up lately is because I've returned to university now. Basically, I am in the second year and have a tremendous amount of work to do and a two hour commute. So, it's work, shower, sleep.

    I just feel horrid that I got Editor, now I've disappeared for two weeks T_T

    HOWEVER. New project ...
  4. Travel


    I have uni full time at the moment, but that isn't what bugs me. What bugs me is that I have to commute two hours on crammed, peak time trains (and walking a couple of miles to get to the station) with smelly people I don't know.

    I love uni and I love my course, I don't perceive myself as particularly busy or anything but dear lord.