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Sometimes I will copy over blog entries from TFF.
Sometimes I will post entirely fresh content.
Sometimes I will dance in circles joyously.
But not necessarily.

  1. Razors are bad, m'kay?

    This happened.

    I was processing the Field Destroy at work (damaged items that have a value too low for refurbishment to be worthwhile, so we break them and toss them) and I was slicing up discs with a razor as I'm often known to do. Every once in a while I'll catch a little skin here and there, but it's super rare and never serious when I do.

    Until today, when apparently I decided to miss one disc entirely and just slice a quarter inch into my thumb at an angle just right ...
  2. Bonus Stage

    Presented by: Copypasta™

    I felt like I was stuck on some really troutty stage in Sonic the Hedgehog for a few months there, moving super fast and spinning in circles and generally failing at doing both of those things efficiently. But recently, it's like I've finally beaten that stage and progressed to the Bonus Stage. Now all I have to do is collect a metric smurfton of rings before the timer runs out, and I'm a winner regardless. This is a good feeling.

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  3. Another one bites the dust.

    And another one down, another one down, another one bites the dust.

    Today, I ruptured my posterior cruciate ligament. Again. And the best part? I was WALKING. Walking in a line. Not turning, not twisting, not running, not juking, not getting tackled, not ice skating, not cycling, not falling, not jumping... I was walking. Walking in a line.

    This is the seventh time I've blown out my right knee; the fourth time the PCL has been affected. The first time I shredded ...
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  4. :(

    So, my first (legit) ex-girlfriend found out a couple days ago that she has HPV, and it's probably the cancerous kind, and I'm crying about it.

    This is one of the sweetest girls I've ever known, and something so troutty couldn't have happened to someone less deserving of it. She'll probably need half of her cervix amputated, and now she may not have an opportunity to be a mommy in the future.

    I don't even know how to really react to this. I can absolutely support her in ...
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  5. Moving Day(s)

    The following mashup of word-things is brought to you by: copypasta

    Well, yesterday I picked up the key to the new apartment. As of today, I have 49 days remaining to shift from one apartment in what was a nice gated community three years ago (and is now less-nice... tenants are great but surrounding area has gone downhill) into a non-gated community that's very quite and in a lovely part of town. It's not -really- closer to work. It's almost exactly the same distance, but ...
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  6. Date Night: the encore

    This entry brought to you by: copypasta

    Dinner and a movie earlier this evening was quite nice. Got together with Morgan, sat down, and saw Iron Man 3. I could have a whole debate of sorts regarding the movie, but I rather enjoyed it. The teasers and trailers showed a lot of action but it was actually spread out quite nicely. Loved the pacing. Fantastic movie. Good little dialogue sequence leading into the credits, and of course, the post-credit teaser.

  7. Seekers of Adoulin

    The following entry brought to you by: copypasta
    Also, usernames referenced in this entry are likely unfamiliar to most of you.


    But now POL still has to do its dumb file check before letting me back in the game. /sigh

    I was on such a roll earlier, farming Carabosse with Azadrael. I'm itching to get back in! If I'd known this would be a nearly three hour process, I would have waited to do this until ...
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  8. Title: Title: Title: Titleception

    The following entry brought to you by: Not a Doppleentry, creating fresh randomosity since 1986!


    So I still play the ever-loving smurf out of FFXI. I'm actually bothered by the fact that I haven't ordered Seekers of Adoulin yet. YIKES. I gotta check out the Geomancer and Rune Fencer classes! I'm sure they're just the bee's knees, or something along those lines.

    I'm pretty sure bees don't actually have knees in the standard sense.
  9. Procrastination of the highest degree.

    The following entry brought to you by: copypasta

    But it's true. I was supposed to have turned in my hourly associate reviews by this morning, aaaaaaand I kinda haven't even started on them. Granted, as long as MY boss gets them before the start of business Monday, it's all fine. But when you set a soft cap deadline of Friday night, and then Saturday night comes and goes and you don't even start on a thing, well... yeah. I'm a little bad about that, I suppose.

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