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  1. Question


    Once again, I apologize for lashing out and bashing eoffers for not doing more. It was very very wrong of me, and I honestly do feel really awful about it. My brain wasn't functioning properly from lack of sleep, being ill, and some other things going on. It's not an excuse and it doesn't make it okay, but all I can say is I sincerely apologize from the bottom of my heart. And I hope y'all can forgive me, but I understand if not. Lesson learned: no more crowd funding attempts. ...
  2. Evacuate?

    Hurricane, might have to evacuate, blah blah blah.

    I must say I'm a bit disappointed and sad that more people didn't help us with my cat. I really appreciate everything everyone has done with sharing and the few who donated. I actually stayed in tears in and off for awhile over just that little bit.

    But, I guess I don't have as many friends as I kind of thought I did (let's not kid ourselves, we know the majority of y'all hate me anyway). & yes, I do understand ...
  3. Cat Almost Died, Now We're Kinda Broke

    I really don't expect anyone to donate or help.

    And I really hate that we're even doing this- it makes me feel pretty selfish and trout (in spite of some friends encouraging us to do so)..

    But, here it is:

    We really appreciate any and all help, if anyone does decide to donate (and this is the part where I -really- want to say "We'll pay you back, eventually")..

    And of course, if anyone has
  4. We Are X

    I know .

    I've talked about the concert to death.

    But I still can't believe I got to see them.

    X Japan is "that" band for me .. I've listened to their music religiously since 2001- when I was going through a really rough time in life and was being bullied nonstop..

    I found their music and it just clicked. I fell in love. And I'd lock myself in my room and put their music on repeat and listen for hours. It was during the time when ...
  5. RIP In Peace, Nox

    My nerves are now officially shot.

    They want to process these applications and do a rental and credit check.

    My credit is shot all to Hell. So is Jay's. Our roommate is the only person with good credit.

    I have no idea if they'll accept our applications. I've been on the verge of tears for the last hour. If we don't get this apartment, we're pretty well screwed.

    We can stay here in this apartment, but then there's the problem of the dog. Which ...
  6. If I Could Live In A Hotel...

    I would totally do it .

    IDK what it is about a nice hotel, but I want to live in one.
  7. Sjdjdududuudjdududududdu

    lol.. My child embraces her Mexican-ness a lot more than I thought she did. She loves being able to say that she's Mexican.. And I'm really proud of her.

    And something that really made me smile.. I took her to the park and she found another little girl to play with that "looks like her"... P brought her over to introduce us and the girl told me she's Colombiana and Parker actually got embarrassed when I said she's "only 1/2" Mexican.

    Maybe this ...
  8. ......... I Quit.

    I Quit Life.

    I'm banning myself.

    Not only did I pass out in the movie theater on Saturday, but I also managed to slice a -chunk- (yes. A chunk. Small one, but still a chunk) of my index finger off last night

    And then not long after, I stubbed my big toe pulling a heavy box to the spare bedroom and managed to rip off 1/2 my toenail.

    Go Me.
  9. La Hermanita

    My little sister is coming to NYC to visit me for her birthday in October!!

    I'm so incredibly excited and can't wait.

    I'm beyond proud of her and everything she's accomplished... She had a rough time back when I was dating my ex - her family wasn't supportive and they all wanted to keep her under lock & key..

    And of course it really took a toll on her. She literally was not ever allowed out of the house ever. She had to resort to skipping school and sneaking ...
  10. Si Una Vez....

    K so I found my ex's 2 sisters on Facebook.

    I friended the older one and talked to her for a bit, then his little sister that I was also rly close to friended me and we talked quite a bit.

    It was good. Everyone's doing well. The younger sister is engaged and getting married next year,the older one had twins not long after I moved back to Tennessee, and now her older 2 daughters have babies of their own.

    ... My ex is doing well. He's married with kids ...
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