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ToriJ Video Game Reviews

ToriJ's Video Game Reviews is dedicated to reviews every Monday of games new and old ranging from the PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, Sega and Windows PC.

  1. When Worlds Collide Season 2 Trailer

    Tori Jacobs [Original]
    Imai Katayo [Original]
    Zira Firestone [Original]
    Fukari [Original]
    Sparda [Canon]
    Iron Man [Canon]
    Kragen [Original]
    Garrus Vakarian [Canon]
    Sincara [Original]
    Aminee Starlight [Original]
    Chloe [Original]
    Gabrielle [Canon]
    Ranko [Original]
    Bane [Canon]
    Ghost [Original]

    The scene opens on a closeup of Tori's face while guns sound off. We cut to the tombstones ...
  2. I was in a podcast

    Two actually. It was part of a site called Next Generation. We talked about up-coming movies, and new releases. Figured I'd share with you guys. First time doing a podcast so my performance is crap.

  3. December Lineup

    Two down, three to go. The count to 100 continues.

    Click image for larger version. 

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  4. Branching out & Patreon

    Hi, EoFF. Boy, I've been a busy bee for the past couple of weeks.

    To start off, several months back I made a thread about branching out with my reviews, which saw a truckload of anime requests. Mr. Vivi22 was even kind enough to recommend a couple of Uwe Boll movies. Please, feel free to thank Mr. Vivi after I leave 8D *cough* Anyway, here's a long overdue update on that.

    After I reviewed 100 games (and I'm already 12 reviews away from that goal) I plan to review my first ...
  5. ThanksGaming II

    ThanksGaming Month is that special time of year where we give thanks to the games that has come and gone through our lives. From the old days of the Atari 2600, to the current generation of gaming, it's a time of year to honor everything that has, is, and will be. Basically, it's a wordplay on Thanksgiving to give us an excuse to talk about games. It's also the time of year where I like to review the classics from various console generations. So, without further ado, here's the ThanksGaming II lineup! ...
  6. Final Fantasy Chronicles

    Ordered this last Monday and it came in the mail yesterday. I'm now one FF away from owning all of the classics. A hard copy of Chrono Trigger is just gravy.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Case, instructions manual, both discs in good condition and play well. It's like buying the game brand new.
  7. 1 year at EoFF & Halloween Month

    I can hardly believe it been a year already. Halloween Month for my reviews were something I started back in 2013 after I got back into the habit of doing them weekly and were among the first reviews I ever shared on this site. It means I'm coming up on being a member here for a full year right after my 25th Birthday. Time flies when one is having fun. So, for obvious reasons, I'm excited to announce what I'll be reviewing to celebrate the occasion:

  8. September Lineup

    Is it approaching Autumn time already? Damn, what happened to summer? Oh, who am I kidding, I hate summer. I'm ready for the temperature to cool down, but I am not ready for winter, which I am sure will find a way to extend its time like it always does. Anyway, check out what I have in store to kick off the new season! I'm going to Branson on the 8th for a long overdue vacation so there will be no review that week.

    September 3rd

    Updated 08-27-2014 at 11:23 PM by Ayen

    Final Fantasy , Video Games
  9. Back in business

    Some of you may remember my little rant aimed at Google AdSense, well some good news: I was looking through some alternatives and discovered Infolinks. I applied for them and just got accepted today, so I'm back in business! Woohoo! If you see any text as links your browser didn't go and install an add-on you didn't ask for, it's just me.
  10. Smurf, Google!

    No, this isn't about Twitch.

    The other day I was informed that Google has decided to suspend my AdSense account. All of the money that I have earned up to that point is gone and I won't be seeing any of it. Why was my account suspended? I don't know. They don't have to tell me either. They just give me a list of reasons for why accounts are suspended and provided a FAQ. That's it. They just leave me to guess why my account was suspended. And the only way I'm allowed to contact them ...
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